Residents of asbestos are trying to unravel the mystery track Asbestos — Reftinskiy




Residents of asbestos are trying to unravel the mystery of disastrous road linking the city to the village Reftinskiy.
Almost once a month on this road there are serious road traffic accidents in which people are dying. As noted in the statistics of the city traffic police, most often on the track "Asbestos — Reftinskiy" head-on collisions occur. In this case, there are no prerequisites for this, as a rule, no.
The fact is that the most part of the road accident is just in the middle way between the city and the village — the village Okunevo. On this plot is laid smooth asphalt, the track is well reviewed, in winter it is mandatory clearing of snow and ice. However, it is here and most collisions.
According to "New Region", the last serious emergency happened at the site on March 19. On Friday afternoon there head-on clash of two official "Volga". One person died on the spot and three others were hospitalized. And in December last year on the same stretch of road facing car "UAZ-459" and shuttle bus "PAZ", 13 people injured.
There is no logical reason why it is on this road are so many accidents have not been able to find. To unravel the mystery of the route, several asbestovtsev even dare to ask for help to the local astrologers and ufologists. According to researchers of unusual phenomena, the fatal car can be explained by the strong negative energy space — it is assumed that there was once a cemetery.
However gosavtoinspektory "other-worldly" version categorically reject. According to employees of traffic police Asbestos, "rich" on road accidents "Asbestos — Reftinskiy" have made themselves drivers who do not respect the rules of the road.


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