Residents of destroyed by explosions in Pugachevo houses threatened to block the federal highway


25.01.12. According to official figures for December 2011 — from 3500 to the victims of the bombings in the arsenal Pugachevo homes are not renovated just over a hundred. And at the completion of this year, the republic will receive the second billion rubles. However, residents of the area are not happy Malopurginskogo — to many still have not reached the money from the first billion. To learn how people live six months after PE, I went to Little blizzard.  

+6 degrees in the house …

Woman with fear waiting for a cold and she will experience them.
Photo: Tatiana LAPINER

Outside the window, until -20, and the house residents Malaya Purga Tatyana G. of +6. Woman sleeping in clothes under two blankets, day walks in the three robes, wool socks and sheepskin slippers. For 30 minutes of conversation I was there so numb that I wanted to wear, warm.

— Daughter went to live in the city and do not intend to return. I live here alone, my husband is not, — says Tatiana G.. — I grew up in this house, raised their children. Though he is old, but I was hoping to live in it the years.

But hopes of a woman apart at the seams. When, after a night of evacuation in the explosions, she returned to the house, was shocked — collapsed porch, kitchen drove away from the main house by a few centimeters, the roof is tilted …

— I have taken down the porch, windows inserted. That's it! — Complaining about the hostess. — I have all the angles blowing. I literally drown out now. The house has six degrees. What happens when a thirty vdarila frost?

To the officials, both at work

Immediately after the state of emergency she got sick, and then quit her job, because it was necessary to constantly meet the commissions, the quantity surveyors, the repairmen.

— I was hoping that will do anything, and in October I will build a new job. Then I promised to do in November. Then in December. Last promise — the woman and handed an official letter from the district administration, — in January threatened repaired.

But it is already clear — not repaired.

All of the six months she ran to the officials, the appraiser, the investigating committees. Because of this, a job can not.

— I will arrange for work, and come to me master. We'll have a week or two to go — what boss will love it. And then, knocking out repairs now takes a lot of time. At the door of the head office of the Administration Malaya Purga 5:00 once sat. She passed by me — says the woman. — Home for me is more important than the meat for dinner. In this house I live out retirement. I hope.

Boards porch was brought in, but then quickly transferred to someone else.
Photo: Tatiana LAPINER

In front of Tatyana G. marks in the snow boards and sawdust.

— Oh, it's the day before the board was brought in, would restore the porch — waving woman. — But the day was taken away to someone else.

Police —  insulation, people — promises

Such "oblomu," said the woman, six months have become accustomed. And shows the house across the street. When he looked just like her. And now he's covering, roof, new windows. And, perhaps, the heat …

— We have a state of emergency after the Interior Ministry building insulate the walls and sheathed, and we are all waiting for — the chairman was established in Malaya Purga NGO Alexander Bazaar. — In the street, home to officials, laid asphalt in place allegedly destroyed, although it before the explosions were not even there.

Chairman drives up to me the police building — and the truth, all beautifully trimmed with. Drive on the village. On the 2-storey apartment house in the sun shines a brand new roof.

— We removed the old slate and thrown in the attic. And now no one is going to remove it. The doors to the building and did not deliver — we are all promerznut pipes in the house! — Residents complain house number 18 on the street. Pushkin.

A woman from a neighboring dvukhetazhke horror awaits the spring when the snow drifts on the roof will begin to melt.

Hostess corner balcony afraid that it will fall on the roof.
Photo: Tatiana LAPINER

— On the rafters of the house placed on the roof. And over my apartment is not enough. So just put the iron and, — she said. — Now wait that spring from such repairs will remain, and if the roof does not fail me in the apartment.

Patience to the limit

Strebovat for defective repair in the spring would not be with anyone. Contractors are changed one by one. Acts covered, not taking.

— We asked to act and the estimate for a single house. So the papers found that rafters and replaced by a new coating on the roof. But in reality, nobody changed rafters — gives the example Chairman Alexander Bazaar. — We started to resent. And now we have no instruments of the work done on the house do not give. They say — "trade secret."

When people heard that the republic will receive another billion for reconstruction, boil. After all, they are the first billion yet nothing has seen nothing.

— I wrote to the Administration that we want to hold a rally in protest — said Alexander Bazarov, whose house is in the hand of a crack. — If we are so no one will hear, we will cover the federal highway. Let sit 15 days. But something about this situation to do!


Alexander Bazarov no idea how many will stay home with cracks.
Photo: Tatiana LAPINER

Would repair itself, but the amount slashed in half!

— I'm a man with his hands, I would have long ago did it — outraged Alexander Bazaar. — But if you do yourself, the amount of the estimate is reduced by half. I have counted loss for 711,000 rubles — if contractors will do. And if I did to fix it — offered only 400. Where is the logic? And who benefits from it, so that we contractors "fed."


The Russian Defense Ministry had stopped claims of Udmurtia

For the protection of rights of the residents come from homes destroyed defenders. By the end of 2011, they have already made and sent 700 claims to the Defense Ministry. And in the next few months preparing to send another 1,200 are applying to the Prosecutor General of Russia, Udmurtia prosecutor's offices, the Investigative Committee. Written appeal to the President and the country.

Instead of an epilogue …

After returning from Malaya Purga, the editors sent a request to the Ministry of Construction, the Administration of Malaya Purga, the Investigation Committee (where people wrote already written not one complaint), to the Government. Answers yet. We are waiting for them and we will continue the theme.

If you have relatives, friends or acquaintances, who also can not get full compensation, or vice versa, have already made — tell us at our website.

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Source: KP.RU Izhevsk

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