Residents Shchelkovo-3 complaining EARTHQUAKE


11.11.11.Segodnya in 14 hours of the day, many of the residents Shchelkovo-3 started to feel the tremors, which are clearly reflected in the houses themselves and all of the interior, rang dishes, staggered cabinets, windows rattled.

Some have heard the roar, some thunder, but the tremors were quite substantial.

All this shows a message from a local chat forum "Sovtehenergo":

Source: My Town

Messages from the forum:

[Today, 14:03] kadeostaggers back home!
[Today, 14:03] bafferwarc: Now it really shakes the house, and now I feel
[Today, 14:03] kadeodumb somehow it all
[Today, 14:05] bafferwarc: Yeah but I can not hear the explosions, probably underground Choteau O_o
[Today, 14:05] kadeoI heard the roar
[Today, 14:05] kadeothunder far away
[Today, 14:07] bafferwarc: No, I have a current shocks are under your feet and the floor shakes as much
[Today, 14:08] kadeowindows rattle
[Today, 14:08] kadeo5th floor shakes are not so weak
[Today, 14:09] bafferwarc: MB in quarries again resumed production?
[Today, 14:10] kadeoI want to believe that this is not something any unpleasant tests anywhere near 
[Today, 14:11] Cyril: In our quiet town))
[Today, 14:15] kadeofigase
[Today, 14:15] kadeofigaseeeeeee
[Today, 14:16] bafferwarc: Here we go again
[Today, 14:16] kadeodumb
[Today, 14:18] kadeohope prefab houses are not sensitive to this type of vibration
[Today, 14:28] bafferwarc: Uh * censored * CA Cho for her
[Today, 14:35] cyberDog: Where are you all?)
[Today, 14:36] kadeoChkalov
[Today, 14:36] cyberDog: Strange, do not feel
[Today, 14:38] kadeoWell no it is not always shakes
[Today, 14:38] kadeobut tryahnet — so tryahnet
[Today, 14:38] cyberDog: Well, no such notice
[Today, 14:38] cyberDog: Can you get closer to a career)
[Today, 14:38] kadeoand what floor?
[Today, 14:39] cyberDog1
[Today, 14:39] kadeogygy
[Today, 14:39] cyberDog: While earlier when blown on the career felt
[Today, 14:39] kadeoour 5th swings are not weak
[Today, 14:39] cyberDog: A house with all ok?)
[Today, 14:40] kadeoin the sense?
[Today, 14:40] kadeoHouse staropanelny
[Today, 14:40] kadeountil such costs
[Today, 14:40] kadeoeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
[Today, 14:40] kadeoagain
[Today, 14:41] kadeonafig. 'll cook porridge
[Today, 16:07] Bzzziiikkadeo, bafferwarc, where do you live? I just did not feel anything, sitting on the plantation 6
[Today, 16:09] Bzzziiikinteresting street
[Today, 16:10] Bzzziiikand to overlook
[Today, 18:02] PyatkuSTsiolkovsky 6 normal tryahanulo
[Today, 18:16] kadeonear the institute's hospital — the day was shaking so that the windows rattled
Help Wikipedia:

Shchelkovo-3 (§ Chkalovsky) — district in the city of Moscow region Shchelkovo Russia, with a population of about 35,000 inhabitants (2005). Included in the city Shchelkovo August 8, 1959

Located 16 km north-east of Moscow, on the river Klyazma. Railway station Chkalov (formerly Radio Center, and before Tomsk) line Mytishchi — Monino Yaroslavl direction is located on the southern outskirts of the village. In the south-eastern outskirts of the town is a military airfield Chkalovsky.

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