Revenge Chumaka




Many years ago, happened to me a very funny story. It was a time that I would call "psihoterapizatsiey" all the people of the Soviet Union. We then sat down together in front of a TV and waited for their healing sores, passing the latter-day sessions of psychotherapy. Especially memorable Kashpirovsky and Alan Chumak. First we sank into sleep or forced to dance and jump, charged the second miracle, he said, the energy exhibited by us at screens cans with water or tubes of ointments and creams.

So one day, a weekend, I came poprovedat his friend, who often suffer from lower back pain. This time, they were so strong that he put a nurse pricks at home. He was ready to prick at a certain soft spot, and in the meantime I leaf through the newspaper "Speed-Info". I see one of the pages Chumaka photo and the text below. They say that this picture is charged with positive energy, and if they touch the sore spot, it will go on the amendment.

The nurse had gone, my friend, lies, yells — and so she breaks her back, and then there's a shot was painful. "Listen — I say — I'll help you." And a photo showing a miracle healer. Explained how to handle it is necessary, and, for clarity, rolled his image in its rear seat. We chatted with a friend about this and that, and I went home — day tomorrow, so do not linger long.

I wake up in the morning from a burning pain in the right buttock. I looked and was blown away: blister on her swollen — clean burn! Only one way out — to go to the clinic. Made an appointment with the surgeon. Undressed, showed blister, one in the boundless wonder, "How you manage?" — Asks. And I do not understand … To any place is not leaning against the hot, boiling water does not scald yourself. And then he remembered yesterday's visit to the other. He told the doctor all podrobnenko.

Oh, and he laughed! But what sick wrote diagnosed with "first-degree burn," put some medicine and invited the next day on a bandage. I, by the way, is not a laughing matter was, in fact did not even have to sit down opportunities only lie on the left side could.

Come the next day, and in the treatment room I have a whole crowd of doctors waiting to hear my tragicomic story. They also laughed heartily, and then I could not help myself from laughing. That's because he did not like Chumak that I had to face the rear seats attached. It turns out, insult him thus inflicted and paid for it. After the case at the TV screen I was not sitting: and suddenly Chumak some more revenge will come up to me …

Sincerely Igor Evdokimov. Subscriber "True North." Arkhangelsk.

From the Editor. So our competition on the theme "Laugh, right, is not a sin!" completed, and before you humoresque winner. As promised, the author will get a reward of 400 rubles. Congratulations! By the way, we decided to encourage the two other participants in this contest, whose writings on April Fool's theme have been published elsewhere. This — Leonid Y. Schetinin of Kholmogorsky area and pinezhanka Galina Chernyshev. They awarded a subscription to "plump" (in the first quarter of 2005).

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Igor Evdokimov


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