Riot police. Krasnodar

Riot police.  KrasnodarSpecial unit within the Ministry of Internal Affairs (previously — OGPU, NKVD) actually existed since the creation SOVIET power. For example, part of the special mission successfully fought the kulak revolts and produced surplus-appropriation.

In the eighties of the last century, with the beginning of perestroika in the Soviet Union began to grow in the instability of the society, a wave of mass popular demonstrations, a multiple increase in the number of robberies and looting, and the police had to make new features, including support for the rule of law in the areas of inter-ethnic conflicts. Office of Internal Affairs of the USSR, to keep pace with the passage of time, the order number 0210 of October 1, 1987 made a special purpose unit designed to protect law and order, for large tragedies and disasters, prevent anti-social manifestations of the group. A 3 October 1988, by order of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the USSR number 0206, in order to prevent manifestations of group hooliganism and riots, the fight against organized crime organized the first 19 special purpose militia in 4 republics that were part of the Soviet Union.

In the RSFSR troops appeared in 14 regions: the Ministry of Interior of the Bashkir Autonomous Soviet Socialist Republic, Moscow City Police, Mosoblispolkoma, Lenoblgorispolkomov, ATC Krasnodar, Krasnoyarsk Krai Executive Committee, Department of Internal Affairs of Voronezh, Irkutsk, Kuibyshev, Novosibirsk, Perm, Rostov, Sverdlovsk, Chelyabinsk oblast executive committees. The choice is not accidental, played a role several reasons: the geographical position of the subject, its size and economic status, the number of places of detention, the criminal situation that requires security permissions.

Alexei Koltsov, deputy commander of the detachment:
— November 22, 1988 order of the Chief of police of Krasnodar Krai Executive Committee was created by a detachment of 150 men. Appointed the first commander of the police major Tengiz Gugunovicha Dzhidzhihiya. At the moment he retired police colonel.

Dzhidzhihiya scored in squad guys who have served in the police for more than 3 years with sports categories and their moral and professional qualities capable of doing tasks of any complexity.

After Tengiz Gugunovicha police detachment commanded by Colonel Sergey Shuraev, Alex D. Senyuk, Alexei G. Bryuhnov, Lieutenant Colonel Alexander drunk. Since September 2005, the commander — Commander of 3 orders of Courage award "award for the Fatherland" 4 degrees, a police colonel Oleg Jakushev. At the current time we are not only one of the largest in number of personnel and armored units in the middle of homonym of, yes, and one of the more mobile and coherent units within the Interior Ministry.

Riot police.  KrasnodarBaptism of fire squad received in 1992, in the zone of the Georgian-Abkhazian conflict. Then he was involved in policing in Moscow during the events of 1993.

First Chechen war we are "scooped" from November 1994. After-permanent tactical training and rearmament in the Cossack Camps Rostov region arrived in Mozdok, from there on December 31 in the group of Interior Ministry forces entered the stern. On January 10, 1995 stationed at the city MOLZAVOD.

As you move the army, liberating severe, and we moved. Exposed positions on the principal roadways at intersections occupied the neighboring house, cleaned out the city's neighborhoods, and helped the peaceful population.

At dawn on February 20, after an overnight fire contact, we have 2 groups went to the cleaning of residential high-rise building, then became the headquarters of the GUOSH. One group managed to senior police sergeant Sergey Buldakov. Sniper militants entrenched in the nine-hand, shot through the window of the entrance to Sergei, who died performing a combat puzzle.

Consequential loss suffered squad house, near Krasnodar. April 26 from the military part of the town of Novorossiysk did escape soldier conscripts. Armed with a gun, he suspended the public bus Novorossiysk — Raevskaya, shot a 1-th passenger and ordered the driver to drive in the direction of Krasnodar. In the area of the Republic of Adygea Tahtamukayskom during the arrest of the offender, NIGHT MODE 27 to April 28, died platoon commander Lieutenant Victor Žilina.

In March and April squad participated in operations in the area Samashki.

Eugene Bizhko Gavrilovic, a veteran squad:
— In August 1996, when the service and combat missions in Staropromyslovskiy commandant Severe combined detachment, consisting of SWAT and riot Krasnodar, Karelian OMON fighter internal forces SMVCH-42 from Togliatti, a total of about 250 people, was surrounded and blocked by militants warlord Wahi Arsanov. From 6 to 20 August, we were completely surrounded, isolated from the outside world, without water and food. Ammunition considered spent very economical, and therefore survived not have allowed himself to take a prisoner or killed.

Commandant's office located in 2-storey buildings. Since the beginning of fights we have expanded a sector of fire, taking the coming two five-story buildings. Shy attempt to unlock command GUOSH commandant of success had. Militants have not missed a convoy of 3 cars to the kindergarten by shooting a grenade launcher trucks.

August 18 militants have set for direct fire armor, presented the fourth in a row ultimatum, and the question will not surrender, and "care" Severny "airport with weapons, equipment and ammunition." In the event of failure we have promised to burn, and do not kill the wounded, and cut it. In the commandant's office, they missed the deputy commandant Colonel Grudnova the Terrible, who, after meeting with the staff reported the situation ANDRIEVSKAYA commandant, who gave the instruction to throw the commandant's office. All responsibility for the thoracic outlet took over. Together with us he managed to get out of the encirclement garrison outpost CAT-12.

In general, the history of the environment is cloudy. From time to time there was a feeling that the command simply wrote off us off. The feeling intensified when out of the encirclement of the commanders were not merit the charges and prepyadstviya its graying head. However, life has put everything in its place.
In those days of DOS scored scout "Knight". On the truck loaded suhpaykami, he single-handedly broke into our Staropromyslovskoye commandant. Somehow was able to drive past few militants ambush. But, all the same has been stopped. Right in front of our windows. He was dragged out of the car, began to question. Scout introduced nerd, introduced tylovikov from Novosibirsk, the first day being in Chechnya. Told tales of a never-ending friendship, peace and love between Russian and Chechens, played the whole performance. Militants have laughed and let him go back home guy. I do not know his name, I know that he is an officer, "krapovik." I would like to find this courageous man and tell him thank you so much. I managed to take a picture in the middle of the militants and with pleasure would have given him this commemorative card.

Alexei Ring:
— It all began with an ambush on the highway Staropromyslovskii August 6. At 6 am engineer reconnaissance battalion of internal troops accompanied by us has p
opped out of the commandant's office for an examination of the road: to the left — to the turn to the airport "North", to the right — to scrap metal. Made me think that a driver towards a passing commuter bus eyes were bulging to the max, like pulled out of the water frog. Here also the aunt of weird out of the yard by pulling the wires and ran away. Similarly, fumbling in the eyes of the ruins, he saw lurking in the walls of scrap metal militants and rocket-propelled grenades. Saw them, and our Watch the head, opened fire with machine guns. From the personal sector started to shoot at us. Further more — vlupil of grenade launchers, armored personnel carriers knocked out and "Ural", wounding five soldiers. We lay down on the roadside, shot out, shelling carried out the wounded. Alexander Sahnovsky tried, although he caught a bullet in the arm, when another soldier on for themselves dragged into the shelter.

An hour and a half we have managed to get back to HQ. A patrol clipped rovnenky plot area, stayed in the quarter five-story building. Litsezrev that management is in no hurry to send them agile group Bizhko fumed: "Who cares about the fate of our little brothers, for me, to armor!" Accumulated volunteers and checked out of the commander's office.

Returning to the "box" for the scouts, it was possible not only to take them with you, and put down a few militants firing points.
On the morning of August 13 by a sniper died Sergei Savage, a senior police lieutenant, engineer-sapper engineering department riot police.
He was posthumously awarded the Order of Courage.

Riot police.  KrasnodarEugene Bizhko:
— The soldiers celebrated the 34 "calendar". Any beheld through almost all passed, but the frightening and insane January 1995 Severe standard — nothing.
We drive into the city, and everything is burning, smoke, explodes. Here and there a chorus shouting, sounding somewhere quiet. Broken homes, mangled trees, plowed Tracians armored vehicles and craters from shells of the road. Corpses on the roadside, riddled cars in yards, between the old houses, like ghosts, are looming. Horror. I am an adult, a man thirty years, and he could not imagine that this is not an excerpt from a film about the war, but the real life.
After that was philosophically refer to many things and really appreciate life. Starry sky, a hot mug of tea, the warmth of a fire, even a bad rain and snow, from which the leg cramping and fractions in his mouth, seemed a miracle sent down by the Creator. Miraculously, as the hands and feet on the ground, and you're alive.

Very fierce battles were 9-10 January 2000, when militants took w / w station and the commandant of Argun. In fooling around, they took over the building of the local administration, the two schools, blocked the military commander. In Gudermes, causing distraction for the earlier attack on the Interior Ministry convoy near the village of Jalka blocked the commandant's office, seizing prisoners. Under the control of the enemy ran part of the federal highway "Kavkaz" Stern — Argun — Gudermes. We is nominated for food aid convoy 33rd brigade of internal troops are themselves under heavy fire bandits.
By the time we arrived to the scene were killed or wounded many soldiers were in the convoy, burning appliances, detonated ammunition.

In the process of fighting the stubborn joint efforts could unlock the column and bring it out under fire.

On the night of January 21 in Gudermes died Vladimir Filatov police sergeant and a senior lieutenant of militia Alexander Gerasimenko.

In a two-story factory building "Medical Instruments", where the our LDPE, got released militants cumulative projectile. The building caught fire, ammunition began to explode and collapse the walls and ceilings. Gerasimenko and Filatov helped stunned and shell-shocked comrades selected on the street. Volodya came out of the building, I saw that Sasha is not, put on a coat, poured a bucket of cold water on top and went inside to find another. Followed by another explosion detonated ammunition. Most of the buildings did not come out alive.

Alexei Ring:
— I'll tell you about the engineering department, we did not only fighters operating mouth life at risk!
Once, during a gang warfare racketeers tied behind his back and fastened at the neck of an explosive one Krasnodar's owner. Our employees, entering the room through the window, could in time "razrulit" situation and defuse the bomb. Particularly distinguished Demolitions Sergei B., who saved the life of an entrepreneur.

I can not remember the former head of the engineering department Vladimir Gorenitsu, spices highly qualified, formerly manager of engineering services 15 OBrSpN GRU, a veteran of Afghanistan, brought up to a change of not only the textbooks, and teaching practice. For example, neutralization in January 1998, the standard anti-tank mine in 1962, equipped with a confusing clockwork.

Then outfit patrol linear ATC found a suspicious plastic bag at 4 am in the building of the railway station, in the corner on the landing. We first organized the evacuation of passengers and railway workers (of a station building and platforms, there were about 150 people), cordoned off the surrounding streets and the station square. Then he carried the find the station square and opened the package. The timer was set to 7:00 am. Victims could amount to a hundred. Sappers microexplosion repulsed by a mine fuse, and the very mine handed over to the FSB.

At one point cleared extraordinary explosive device found in one of the Krasnodar organizations. Mina was armed with a photodetector and hiding in a cardboard box. As soon as the lid slightly open — light beam falls on the detonator, and disaster could not be avoided.

In the village Seversky Krasnodar region defused a radio-controlled (mobile telephone installed in the mode of working time reference) improvised explosive device weighing 350 grams of explosives, set under the gas tank of the car.

Employees squad Vitaly Fastovich and Nikolai Alekhine in harsh defused 11 IEDs total weight of 311 kg of TNT. They made 57 exits to engineer reconnaissance, found two bases with mine-explosive equipment and ammunition. In conducting regular engineer reconnaissance in the end militant attacks both the employee got mine blast concussion and injuries.

Sergei, the company commander:
— In the riot police do not go for the sake of money. Naturally, wages have higher than that of employees of other departments, but there is not huge amounts of money earned, and in the first place is not a real party.

Our men — true fans of their own business. Strategy, climbing and assault, physical and fire training, hand to hand combat. And so every day or a day out, year in year. Plus trips an alarm in every point of the edge and trips to the North Caucasus. Men's Work.

In Chechnya, is all. For example, we accompanied fortune in Nozhai-Yurt district of Chechnya on the eve of his parents' home bred so called "military intelligence captain State Guard of Ichkeria". Then he caught a man to recruit young people to study in zabugornyh training camps. Found a Russian guy, who for many years was considered the federal wanted list, and the relaxed living in the Chechen village.

In autumn 2001, we are in the process of co-operation with OCD on the Chechen republic detained 27-year-old inhabitant of the Terrible, who was involved in the murder of the head of administration Sernovodsk.

A week later, militants blew up a radio-controlled bomb, seriously injuring fi
ve of our employees (A.? B.? Smirnova O.? Yu? Eremenko, A.? B.? Sakhnovsky, A.? B.? Kostjuchenko, A.? P .? Kirienkova) and four representatives of the regional administration, accompanied the convoy with humanitarian aid, created for the inhabitants of the village of Lermontov-Yurt and temporary police internal affairs department. Deputy Chairman of the Krasnodar Youth Committee Oleg Aksenenko acquired from wounds he died.

I will say that our staff is much not only to delay or eliminate the militants.

July 8, 2012, when the flood in the town of Krymsk and Nizhnebakansky village, we went to disaster zone were among the first.
Krymsk few hours turned into a dirty raging sea, which is becoming a greater and greater extent. Sticking out of the water just a roof two-storey houses and the tops of the trees. Together with the local police and the Ministry of Emergency Situations we BTR-80 and trucked to get more inaccessible areas of the town and people were shooting from the roofs of flooded homes. Sappers-divers were diving into the rushing streams of mud, pulling bodies from the rubble and people flooded transport, the plant equipment and cables under the collapsed utility poles APCs then freed the streets and roadways of debris. Our soldiers were evacuated from the disaster zone 180 people in the main ladies and old men.

Riot police.  KrasnodarAlexei Ring:
— Armed clashes with militants in Chechnya becomes smaller. The militants moved into the area of Dagestan, Kabardino-Balkaria, Ingushetia. The detachment is engaged in providing public order and security of municipal and strategic facilities in these republics. We protect Gimrinsky tunnel — the very long road tunnel in Russia and the CIS. Its length is 4285 meters, and, for example, the Roki Tunnel — 3660 meters. Connecting the city and the village of Buynaksk Gimry, provides a small tunnel connections to Irganaiskaya power plant, and 9 districts of Dagestan mountain road connects with the steel and the center of the country. In the closed tunnel of Botlikh to Makhachkala have to go around 6:00, and if through a tunnel, then 2:00, and you're in Makhachkala.

In 2010, in Dagestan, a 2-armed clashes we killed 2-fighters have any, except for guns confiscated documentation which shows that the bandits were watching families and prosecution officials hatched a plan to kidnap or kill not only the officers, and even their babies. Fortunately, we hit the plans of criminals.

How annoying would it sounds, not all is quiet on the home and Kuban. For example, in autumn 2008 in Krasnodar, Yablonovsky on the bridge, was arrested on a previous conviction for theft and fraud inhabitant of Maikop, a member of the gang of Dagestan. Dressed in a bulletproof vest, he ran out to check the taxi stopped and began to shoot at the traffic police officers of Stechkin. 1st offender DPS officer killed, three wounded. A delay has promoted unnamed militant fighter under contract, who arrived in Krasnodar on a mission from a military unit stationed in Chechnya, and the case turned out to be close.

Eugene Bizhko:
— In general our children, not only in military affairs well done! Igor Ryashin became a favorite of the European Judo Gene Lipeev — a favorite of Olympic all-around, Igor Shekhovtsov — a favorite of European kickboxing and savate, Gene Bessedin — medalist at the Interior Ministry in combat shooting guns, Sergei Scherban — not only the personnel officer, attended by 1 th of the squad, and recognizable fighter. Our snipers won prizes not only in departmental tournaments, and at international competitions commandos.

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