Romania: a person — short circuit




In Romania, a lot of common people with unique biomagnetic svoystvami.Nekotorye, barely attached to his body forks, spoons, and even irons can easily hold them for several hours. Well, just a real live magnets! But the case of 20-year-old student from Iasi — out of the common. The fact that this young man has become a real problem for all others. As soon as he entered the old nine-story, its tenants in the house began to notice something was wrong. That multiple electrical failure occurs, then the bulbs burn out in the stairwell, the elevator for no reason at all stops between floors. At first all this mess tolerated. Then realized that the whole reason recently to instill a "strange" the young man, and decided to agree with him on the peace. However, this attempt came to nothing lead. The house manager, who undertook to deal with the unfortunate student, barely alive. After the customary greetings he hastily shook hands with the young man's hand and received electric shock so powerful that continue the conversation could not. The last straw for off-balance residents was short circuit, resulting in burned all the TVs in the house. The neighbors appealed to the city court, demanding compensation and eviction extraordinary young man. However, in this case, the lawyers will not be easy to understand. Scientists assume that the student is endowed by nature unusually strong bio-magnetic field and, apparently, is not always able to keep under control is a unique feature of the organism.

News.Battery.Ru — Accumulator News, 25.01.2003 13:35
Source: RIA "Novosti"

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