Royal Jelly

Royal Jelly.  Photo from

Royal Jelly is a food for the larvae — the future of the uterus of the bee family.

Pure royal Milk contains up to 18% of proteins, 10-20 % Carbohydrates, 6% fat andmore 3% of mineral salts. It consists of 22 amino acids detected and vitamins1, In2, In5, In6, PP, in12, N, S.

Has trophic, tonic, antispasmodic and anti-microbial action. Improves eyesight and memory, stimulates metabolism, increases the sexual function.

Due to its properties royal Milk widely used:

  • in dermatology and cosmetology;
  • for the treatment of neuroses;
  • for the treatment of myxedema (a skin disease usually is the result of endocrine disruption);
  • for the treatment of hypertension;
  • for the treatment of anemia, etc.

More it is established that Royal Jelly causes a significant improvement in the patients with malignancies. A similar effect is caused by the presence in the bee product dekagidroksidetsenovoy acid.

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