Russia agrees with NATO on cooperation in ammunition disposal


To reduce the number of emergency when disposing ammunition, Russia is going to use technology NATO. According to "Kommersant", citing a source in the Russian Defense Ministry and the NATO Headquarters, the parties are preparing an agreement on cooperation in the disposal of obsolete Russian ammunition and armaments. Russians pay for recycling.

Talks on possible cooperation for several months already, involving Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Rogozin, after the resignation and appointment of Anatoly Serdyukov, Defence Minister Sergei Shoigu debate intensified. Russian military experts will visit the rest of the year for ammunition disposal plant in the Turkish Yahshihane. After that, as expected, the parties will choose the best format for collaboration and project agreements.

Agreement on the disposal of ammunition and weapons, NATO and Ukraine, it was signed in 2005, now its implementation continues. NATO and Russia have discussed a possibility of cooperation in 2005 Then the cost of works is estimated at 73 billion rubles., And the American side was ready to cover about 40% of costs. The parties were unable to agree.

Now in Russia, most of the obsolete munitions destroyed by explosions. The source said the newspaper in the MIC at the government, the military utilized about 90% of ammunition, and only 10% is utilized by specialized organizations, he called it unacceptable. According to "Kommersant", annually in Russia destroyed two million tons of ammunition, but the industry can eliminate only 300 000 tonnes Source edition in Brussels said NATO is ready to help Russia and cooperation in this area can be a "positive new element" in relations between the parties and enhance mutual trust.

We Ashuluk-NATO Syria, we Chebarkul — NATO in Iraq, we Tsugol — NATO Yugoslavia, each "recycles" how)))
Giving fresh, but hard to believe January 1, ammo will not be disposed of by detonation

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