RUSSIA REFUSED «screwed BUMPER» By armored vehicles IVECO


Russia does not suit screwdriver assembly Italian armored vehicles Iveco LMV Lynx (the troops received the designation «Lynx»). In an interview with the newspaper «Izvestia» Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Rogozin. According to him, the Russian side wants to reach from Iveco creation of a joint venture for the production of armored vehicles and increment localization of «Lynx» to 80 percent in the coming four years (in the current time, the figure is 10 percent).
Rogozin visited Italy October 12, 2012. During a private trip he visited several Italian companies. «The main purpose of my trip was to bring to the Italian side of our unwillingness to continue to cooperate with them in the old way, when we their IVECO Voronezh fasten the bumper and call it armored vehicle ‘Lynx’,» — explained Rogozin.
«At this point we wish to not take candy in a wrapper that you can not expand, and the technology and knowledge to establish joint production territory of Russia», — said Deputy Prime Minister, noting that a good example of technology is taking over the assembly of Fiat cars under the brand » ; Lada » in the USSR. Italians, Rogozin said, ready to roll on the ground Iveco creation of.
Iveco is interested in the development of a joint venture for the production of «Lynx», as in Russia, the company will receive tax benefits, especially if the plant will be opened in Siberia or in the Far East. In addition, «they are very entice prospects to enter the markets of third countries, coupled with the machines produced in our area.» In addition, Iveco has agreed to modify the «Lynx» requirements under the Russian military.
As a result, localization «Lynx» get a huge amount of parts made in Russia, including engines. With all this Russian party will get much of the technology used in the armored vehicle. Four years later, the Italian armored vehicle will remain on the box and «autonomous development of the wheel.» According to Rogozin, Iveco is ready to make joint venture with «KAMAZ» at the lowest order for 900 machines. Russian Armed Forces need to «trot» estimated at three thousand units.
Besides localization of «Lynx» Our homeland also wants to conduct a series of joint development with Italy. Namely, it is planned to create a new helicopter with the company AgustaWestland. «To do this, Russian and Italian designers will design a car with capacity from 2-to 3 tons. Work will begin in late January — early February, «- said Rogozin.

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