«San Antonio» against the «Mistral»

The latest generation of helicopter landing ship docks (DVKD), the armament of the Navy United States are vessels of «San Antonio.» In the current time in the ranks is 5 ships such type. Consider the features, properties and armament of the ship and try to compare it with a promising DVKD type «Mistral», which is scheduled to adopt the Russian fleet.

In fairness it should be noted that class ships «San Antonio» belong to the class of the Yankees «Amphibious transport dock» — amphibious transport — docking and class ships «Mistral» — to «Amphibious assault ship» — «amphibious assault vehicle.»

But the last South American amphibious assault carrier — class ship «Tarawa» was built in 1980, and the service is only one vessel of this type: USS Peleliu (LHA-5). Promising as ships of this class in the U.S. has not done. Change ships of this type in the United States intended to project LHA (R) and the first ship of this series to become operational U.S. Navy in fiscal year 2013.
Building class ships «San Antonio» began only in 2000, in other words to the present moment the ship is in a series of 12 years and the creation of ships of this type lasts. First ship of the series «San Antonio» was founded in December 2000, launched in July 2003 and was commissioned in January 2006. Interestingly, it was the first large South American warship, quite used to using metric units . Specifically, in this project, it was decided to abandon the U.S. so pochetaemyh feet and inches. Compared with him DVKD «Mistral» look a little young: first eponymous ship of this series was founded in July 2003, launched in October 2004 and commissioned in February 2006. If the associate to work on the leading ship of the series, it turns out that the French shipbuilders showed a highest rate of construction.

Displacement of the South American DVKD is almost 25 tons, and his French colleague — a standard displacement of 16.5 tons, total — 21 tons, and displacement limit can reach 32 tons. So Makar, volume data types of ships are roughly similar.

On the South American truck can hold either two decantnyh hovercraft type LCAC total tonnage of 185 tons, 26.4 dyne and width of 14.3 meters, or 14 amphibious combat machines, conveyors. Besides the crew of «San Antonio» is capable of carrying 633 privates and 66 officers of marines. French (and eventually Russian) amphibious trucks can carry 450 marines for long-term transportation and transportation for 900 people on a small range. In addition to holds a French ship, cargo capacity of 1,000 tons can be arranged for two LCAC landing craft type or 60 light armored vehicles and 13 main battle tanks. It turns out that the French project in transportation for short distances can throw Marine Regiment with languid arms, and taking into account the simplicity Russian Marines landing on the number of theoretically limited only by the capacity of the ship. So in terms of capacity and landing these ships are roughly similar, but what the French project or even wins.
But the South American amphibious aircraft armament transport does not look very impressive. Ships «San Antonio» capable of supporting operations only 4 medium military transport helicopters CH-46 «Sea Knight». This machine with a crew of 4 people able to carry up to 26 paratroopers. So makarom immediately using helicopters transports type «San Antonio» able to transfer saves on 104 paratroopers. Instead helicopters South American ships can be equipped with 2 «Ospreyami» V-22. These contain 24 tiltrotor paratrooper. Ships wing type «Mistral» in the service of the Russian Navy can count 32 or 16 light helicopters languid. When a group of 16 helicopters on the ship may be based 8 combat and transport vehicles 8. Russian sea-based transport helicopter Ka-29, which has already successfully worked off and landing on the deck of ships of this type, except for 2-crew accommodates 16 paratroopers with a personal weapon. It follows immediately wing under construction Russian ship can flip 128 paratroopers that approximately platoon more than transport capacity aviagroup South American ship. We should not forget that in addition to 8 transport helicopter combat acts waged with «Mistral» can be maintained even 8 fire support vehicle, which significantly increases potential landing.

The lead ship in the South American project cost 1.4 billion. bucks, the price series of ships were not disclosed, such a South American military Enigma. Indirectly estimate the price of the 1st ship financing can be pledged by the Pentagon from the series «San Antonio». Total U.S. Department of Defense planned to accomplish the construction of 12 ships of this series with a total project cost 27 billion. bucks. So Makar, the overhead of creating the 1st ship, including research and development and related expenses will cost the South American taxpayers more than 2 billion. bucks each. But after painstaking recounting funds revealed that the South American budget will not pull a dozen ships such type and it was decided to confine dozen. Construction of 2-class ships «Mistral» in the French shipyards Russian treasury will cost 1.2 billion. euro, in other words, at a cost, even lower than the Yankees spent on the construction of the lead ship of the series. Note that except for the «iron» Russian military Mariners will be transferred to command and control technology and licenses for operating systems, including the famous «Zenit-9.» In addition, even in the first two series of ships being built at the French shipyards around 40% of the work will be performed at Russian shipyards. While the question remains open, and with the construction of the following 2-series vehicles. Russian management insists on their building at Russian shipyards. Apparently Russian authorities are also able to use the European economic crisis and the agreement came profitable for both sides. Note that at the French shipyard in Saint-Nazaire after the news of the signing of the agreement reportedly began festivities dedicated to the bright prospects of the company. On the coming four years at the shipyard will employ about 1,000 people and unspoilt French capitalism is very appreciated.
Created by Sergey Serkov

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