Saratov region on the field, came locusts. Video


In southern Russia locust invasion

9.06.11.Nashestvie insects have already experienced in the Stavropol region, Dagestan, the warning signs come even from the Saratov region. This year the weather is very favorable for the reproduction of these pests — the number of Asiatic locust and the so-called "Italian locust" increased significantly.

In the most affected areas by the square meter has 500 giant grasshoppers. Only in Dagestan locusts have taken twenty thousand acres. Voracious insects are able to overcome the vast distances in search of food and destroyed almost all of the plants on the way.

Target are not only crops, but also decorative flowers. Specialists say the hotter — the more locusts eats. Pesticides if their mass spraying from the air, can be unsafe, so the main hope for rain.

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06/09/11. — On the border of the Saratov region, a difficult situation associated with the appearance of locusts. Staff working in the region to prevent the spread of dangerous pests in 2011.

According to the press service of the regional Ministry of Agriculture has developed the necessary measures to put in charge of cooperation with the administrations of districts for the protective measures against dangerous pests and prompt consideration of issues.

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In the Rivne region have been conducted protective measures against dangerous pests in the fields together with representatives of the branch FSI "Rosselhoztsentr." Measures to prevent the spread of pests to be adopted in all the districts.

Municipal districts provided with enough pesticides to control pests, as well as necessary for this technique (gliders, sprayers and knapsack sprayers). Protective measures against dangerous pests held in the square in 2268 hectares in Rivne, Balakovo, Krasnokutsk, Petersburg and Samoilovsky areas.


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