Scientist: During the day the earth may fall some more of the same meteorite

February 15, 2013. Over the next 24-36 hours on Earth can fall a few meteorites, such as the one that fell in the Chelyabinsk region. These meteorites (and Chelyabinsk) may be particles of the "tail" of a giant meteorite with a diameter of 50 m or more, which will be flown on February 16 in dangerous proximity to the Earth. This was reported by "Rosbalt" head of the department of celestial mechanics matmeha State University, Doctor of Physical and Mathematical Sciences, Honored Scientist of Russia Konstantin Kholshevnikov.

According to the scientist, the experts know about the dangerous approaching the planet large celestial body, which will fly at a distance of 15 kilometers. Such a body can carry a tail of debris, which are turned on and more small asteroids, similar to that which fell near Chelyabinsk.

"Therefore, it is possible that within the next few hours more several such pieces of debris can fall Earth. Where? It is difficult to predict, although approximately several hours — you can, but under favorable weather conditions: clear sky, for example, — the professor. — Now all the scientists are studying the behavior of the meteorite, but with the accuracy to predict the impact site can not be. "

According to astronomers, scientists can not always predict the approach to the Earth of cosmic bodies, because science is well known, only large asteroid with a diameter of 50 m and more. Chelyabinsk meteorite was conditionally average — probably a diameter of about 10 meters, "Scientists know of about 500 thousand asteroids with a diameter of 10 meters But smaller to take into account is very difficult," — says Kholshevnikov.

Thus scientist agreed that his colleagues would likely "prohlopali" approximation Chelyabinsk meteorite. "Yes, the blunders committed by people still partially be predicted," — says the doctor of physical and mathematical sciences.

As reported in the UFO in Kurgan, Chelyabinsk, Sverdlovsk was a meteor rain. The main part of the wreckage of the meteor shower, which flew over several regions of the Urals Federal District, fell in Chebarkul. In the settlements to the ground did not reach the wreckage, but the shock wave in the homes windows were broken. As a result, hundreds of victims. Medical care after the fall of the meteorite fragments in the Chelyabinsk region has turned more 400 people, said the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia. The largest number of victims in Chelyabinsk and Kopeysk.

According to the latest data of the operational headquarters in the regional government, the meteorite that has passed over the territory of the Chelyabinsk region, fell into the lake, 1 km from the city of Chebarkul.

According to the MOE, the background radiation in the region remains normal. Among the affected facilities — Chelyabinsk Zinc Plant and South Ural GRES.

Source: Rosbalt

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