Scientists have discovered a previously unknown civilization gold

In Panama, the archeologists found buried 800g.g BC in this place have been found precious stones and objects of gold, jewels found indicate that this place existed previously unknown civilization.

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Archaeologists believe that this is one of the most amazing discoveries of recent times.

During the excavation of the unique archeologists found buried person occupying a high position. The grave was very interesting, as was a multi-level system and the roof was covered in wood.

In the grave with a senior man were still 20 people whose bodies were stacked neatly. Archaeologists discovered a children's outfit of gold, which, apparently, was intended for the son of a senior man. In the grave were the same earrings, plates, bracelets and necklaces made of precious stones.

At the very bottom of the scientists found the grave was discovered buried 15 people, their bodies formed the basis for the grave. Scientists believe that these people could be enemies, slaves, or those people who are captured by soldiers of the ancient civilization.

Next to the slaves found a vessel in which there were a lot of poisonous fish bones — scientists can not yet understand what it could mean. Another interesting and curious detail, the bones of people who were lying on the bottom of the grave covered with ceramic plates, as long as it is difficult to understand what was meant.

Today conducted numerous studies, researchers clarify, no matter what the ancient civilization might belong to these people. Excavations have not stopped.

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