Scientists have found landslides along the lines of the Selenga


24.08.11.Veroyatnee only have been caused by the recent earthquakes.

These conclusions were the Limnological Institute during the summer expedition to the compilation of three-dimensional map of Baikal. In the course of using the shallow sonar surveyed Small Sea and Gulf of Selenga shoal. Further monitoring of landslides will make recommendations for possible construction on the bottom.

In addition, the researchers found at the bottom of the lake over a hundred hills, which could be mud volcanoes containing gas hydrates. Of these, 40 were tested in 10-hydrates are found, according to the head of the Laboratory of Geology Geological Baikal Oleg whip. Prior to the bottom of Lake Baikal research using sonar for 10 years found only 10 similar elevations.

Source: STRC "Buryatia"

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