Scientists said the possible natural disasters in New York


9.03.11.Seysmologi warn strong oscillations of the earth's crust can occur here at any moment, and many buildings in Manhattan will be destroyed, damages could run into billions of dollars

In addition to Tokyo in the area of seismic activity are 7 more cities in the world. Now scientists warn of natural disasters in New York. Geologists closely examine crustal fault in Lower Manhattan, but to predict when there will be a blow, can not yet. Report Nina Vishneva.

New York on the verge of serious shocks. Seismologists warn strong oscillations of the earth's crust can occur here at any moment.

John Armbruster, a seismologist:
— Earthquakes of magnitude 5 occur in the area about every 100 years. Since the last was 126. More than usual.

New York lives "in debt": an earthquake of at least 5 on the Richter scale, scientists had expected back in the 80's of last century. But then nothing happened. Small shakes are common. For example, last year jolted Canada wave reached Manhattan. Destruction was not, but as the earth rocked under their feet, some people still remember.

John Towell, photographer:
— It was a strange feeling. I just took off. I think that is why the frame shakes? In general, we live in dangerous times.

In 1884, the last time a major earthquake maximum, which recorded a seismograph — 5.3 on the Richter scale. The epicenter was under the ocean between Brooklyn and Sandy Hook peninsula. There were no casualties, but the old buildings suffered. Than turn into new tremors, depends not only on the strength of the Earth's vibrations, but also on the time of day.

John Armbruster, a seismologist:
— If an earthquake happens in 5 magnitudes in New York during the day, I think it could kill more than 100 people.

Precarious position of New York in the first place will affect the older buildings. Damages could run into billions of dollars.

Nina Vishneva, correspondent:
— 125th Street in Harlem, the same as the one of the so-called "line clear" geological activity. Most of the buildings are built in the middle of the XIX century, they are unlikely to survive the earthquake, the strength of 5 points.

Seismic activity in the city recorded six stations. They are located in different parts of New York. On computer models, scientists determine the stability of the buildings for possible earthquakes.

Indicators seismograph from September 11, 2001 are stored separately. The instrument recorded the explosions and aircraft hijacked by terrorists, and the moments when the collapsed World Trade Center towers.

John Armbruster, a seismologist:
— We're down to the second failed to establish when the planes hit the buildings. These data were submitted to the FBI for a criminal investigation.

Earthquakes of magnitude 7 in the near past, the U.S. East Coast also occurred: at the end of the XIX century in South Carolina and in the early XX century in Newfoundland. New York so far passed. For how long — do not even know the seismologists.

Nina Vishneva, Jeff Splice. "TV Center" in New York.

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