Scouts in Siberia have new protective kits Permian

The intelligence units of the Central Military District (CVO), stationed in Siberia, were fighting protective kits "Permian" and will be used instead of body armor that protected only the chest and back, according to RIA Novosti news service CVO.

According to him, the first protective kits arrived in late January in Reconnaissance.

Ensure full connection all the scouts CVO in Siberia these safety kits is planned before the end of February, the spokesman said.

He noted that the military protective kit "Permian", developed by Russian specialists is a costume consisting of 20 elements — including a helmet, eye protection, hand. It also includes a vest. Costume completely — "round" — protects the fighters. It is designed to protect against destruction of vital organs by small arms fire, debris, heat and mechanical damage factors in the management of all types of military action.

This protective suit has replaced the standard body armor, which protected only the chest and back.

The agency's interlocutor said that the security set in the standard version weighs about 9 pounds.

Earlier, the press service of the CVO reported that razvedchasti in Siberia have new types of firearms, including a machine gun, "Pecheneg" and attached grenade launcher "Obuvka."

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