Scouts of the Russian military bases in Abkhazia learn the latest technical means of intelligence

With the intelligence unit of the Russian military base stationed in Abkhazia, held special tactical exercises in the mountains and forests, as well as on the coast.

As conceived by the teachings of sabotage and intelligence group of the imaginary enemy landed on the coast of the Black Sea coast and moves inland. The task of the Russian military intelligence base — to organize an ambush and, having admitted as closely as possible the imaginary enemy, to effectively use the element of surprise and destroy it with fire standard weapons.

The exercise will work almost scouts action as part of reconnaissance patrols, the methods of disabling communication imaginary enemy, the tactics device ambushes and raids. At the same time they learn to use the instruments of modern topographic control and navigation system "GLONASS", as well as improved short-range reconnaissance stations and portable means of ground reconnaissance. 

The personnel of the intelligence unit will perform live firing of weapons BTR-80, sniper rifles, machine guns, "Pecheneg" and other small arms. Over one-third sessions will take place in the dark. Sniper couples reconnaissance unit to work out issues in disguise forested mountainous terrain using improvised means and standard means of camouflage, find and destroy the enemy snipers. Their training is carried out by the method of the so-called sniper duels.

The exercise involved up to 100 military personnel involved about 20 vehicles.

Press service of the Southern Military District

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