Scouts Russia and Italy hold joint exercises in the mountains

Joint exercises intelligence groups of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation and Italy are in the mountains of Lago di Landro in the Italian town of San Candido. As the press service of the Ministry of Defense of Russia, reconnaissance offer lessons for improving individual technique of climbing and descending a cliff with a fixed rope, doing exercises on the movement of a suspension bridge. Also scheduled are training on planting in a helicopter hovering in the air and landing using a cable, the practical firing of small arms.

After the leg mountain training exercises participants will move to the training center of San Giorgio di Brunico, where classes take place to cross water barriers and working out ways to travel in urban environments. You will then begin the active phase of the exercise with reconnaissance and intelligence-ambush in the mountainous wooded areas. 
The exercise, which will last until September 21, attended by about a hundred soldiers from the Russian side — mountain infantry reconnaissance unit connections with the Italian — Mining Airborne Regiment. Last year, a similar exercise took place on the territory of Russia, in the Southern Military District.

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