Secrets of Ancient Civilizations

According to the professor of archeology Shemer Osmanagicha on the planet before the ice age, there were several civilizations, and, at various levels closure. These conclusions he came to find during excavations in the 30 km from Sarajevo complex of 5 pyramids, while the largest of them was the great pyramid of Cheops in Egypt.

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It divided the scientific world into two camps: some believe Osmanagicha genius, others — hoaxer. Despite all the controversy, one thing is clear: in the Valley of the Pyramids of Visoko, which consist of giant stone blocks. There is one question they appeared in a natural way or have been created by humans?

According to the ancient Greek historian Herodotus, the first was a description of the pyramids of Egypt, the pyramids were erected about 100 thousand workers. But modern scholars reject his opinion: slaves could not create such structures. There are many versions, but no facts.

The pyramids in Mexico, China and Egypt under the scheme are identical. They are geometric figures that are towards the north, to the luminaries. British scientists have found in the 30-ies of the pyramids have a strong energy. For example, if the usual pyramid souvenir cover a piece of raw meat, it helps preserve its freshness.
If we consider the statues and temples, the palaces of the rulers were in the shape of pyramids.

Opponents of the "Bosnian pyramids", namely Professor Curtis Runnel, believes in the Balkans such structures could not be, as the territory of Europe until 12,000 BC. e. was almost completely covered by glaciers. But the followers of Osmanagicha refute it. Since the Adriatic Sea Bosnia and glaciers are not affected, and the air temperature was lower by only 5 degrees, than it is now, which was suitable for the construction of such a civilization.

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