Sevastopol attacked jellyfish

January 3, 2013. The waters of Balaklava bay in Sevastopol filled jellyfish swarms. There are so many that the surface of the water looked like a gelatinous solid carpet. Locals say — never before have not seen this.

Vladimir Nikolaenko local"My first thought was that this ice, but it seems the temperature is normal, but in the end it — the jellyfish. Abnormal, a surprising number of jellyfish. "

According to one of the swimmers, jellyfish invasion prevented him to open the swimming season. Dive into the live weight, he did not dare.

Pavel Vasilyev local"Everything that is happening now — the first time I see it at all. The reason for this is not clear completely flood. "

But local fishermen lost no time for reflection, deployed gear and catch directly from piers redfish. This fish preys on jellyfish and went to the beach after them.

Marine biologists explain that the jellyfish can form such clusters near the coast twice a year because of the south wind. When wind replaced, jellyfish leave.

The last time the jellyfish came to the shore in the summer of 2012, spoiling the holiday season. But then, as they say eyewitnesses, they were still much lower than it is now.

Source: New Tang Dynasty Television

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