Signal disappeared from the Russian communications satellite Yamal-201


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20.12.11.Neshtatnaya situation occurred with the communications satellite "Yamal-201", the company "Gazprom — Space systems."

"Missing signal from our satellite" Yamal-201 ". The cause is still unknown, "- said Tuesday the company representative. Earlier, one of the Twitter users reported that the satellite crash, with the bulk of Russia remained without central channels.

"The signal from the satellite" Yamal-201 "disappeared today at 9:30. In this connection, the TV screens disappeared regional channel "Southern Region Don" — the agency business information "South Pacific."

By the assumption of experts, possibly a problem with the satellite transceiver. The unit receives the signal, but does not send it back to Earth, that is, there is no signal from the satellite relay. Satellite "Yamal-201" is equipped with a combined payload in C and Ku-band, and can provide services for communication channels and data transfer, video conferencing, a distribution box, satellite Internet access.

On its basis, implement services of central and regional television, distance education and telemedicine. Position 90 degrees East in geostationary orbit, in which the satellite "Yamal-201", — the base for "Gazprom Space Systems."

Located above the center of the eastern hemisphere, it is ideally suited for the territory of Russia. Zone of visibility of this position covers 95% of the territory of the Russian Federation with a population of more than 98% of its population. "Gazprom Space Systems" is 20% of the Russian satellite, RIA Novosti reported.

Source: Voice of Russia

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