Since the beginning of the year in Barnaul was already 15 landslides. Photo


Landslide in Barnaul. Photo: Anna Zaikova

20.07.11.S beginning in Barnaul was already 15 landslides. Such powerful landslides nowhere else in Siberia.

In the 42-kilometer zone landslide Barnaul get industry and homes.

What to do to with time it is not slipped into the river?

Marcel Gareev,
Hydrogeologist Barnaul landslide station:

90% in Barnaul landslides caused by natural factors. High bank of the Ob, saturation of groundwater, erosion, create ideal conditions for landslides. The top soil wet, increasing the mass and squander, and the bottom is impermeable clay layer on which a landslide and slides. In Soviet times, landslide station conducted serious research: The properties of soils of the coastal zone, groundwater, after 1991, the station cut funding. We are now in a minimum of monitoring landslide zone — mostly on foot patrols. Fix changes that give advice on resettlement. During the existence of the landslide station, since 1974, we have accumulated a sufficient amount of materials, and more research is not necessary. But we must carry on bank protection works, because landslides in Barnaul will go forever.

Boris Azarov
professor of "Foundations, foundations, engineering geology and geodesy" AltSTU:

Geo-environmental monitoring project in the landslide zone using GPS-station is at Polytechnic University. In 2008, the Department proposed to his administration Barnaul, but in the city treasury money for the project was not. We have offered to conduct surveillance in the landslide area using satellite technology — says Azarov — the first phase we installed equipment base GPS-station. In this work stopped: over funding. For safety Barnaul need serious territorial or federal program: "It is necessary not only to relocate people from the landslide area, but also to provide a complete monitoring of landslides. Should be developed engineering solutions for the prevention of accidents. In the landslide area needed work to strengthen supporting structures of engineering structures and facilities. "

Source: Altapress 

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