Sinkhole in Izhevsk. Video

Karst holes

18.09.11.CHP one of Izhevsk highways. On the roadway collapsed asphalt.

Today, motorists and public transport to travel just on the edge of a precipice. While no one was injured, but only this year in Izhevsk have been several cases where the holes in the asphalt fell through cars and buses.

All public transport goes round hole in the ground with caution. Trolleybus drivers doubly difficult, says Natalia Porubova may come off with the wire rod. Still involuntarily speeds. Natalia Porubova, trolleybus driver: "First, there's a thin layer of asphalt. Honestly now, we are afraid. "

Asphalt fell on Tuesday. Most likely, at night. None of the motorist was not injured. Accident site was fenced warning tapes. The dip in the pavement formed after hydraulic testing of thermal networks. Pipe burst, the water washed away the soil. Now we have to find a place rush. Udmurtia municipal systems do not rule out that the drag on the work week.

Repair crews appeared on the scene only after two days. The workers were told that at this point are different communications. Excavations had to agree not to one service, including traffic police, is now preparing a fallback action. Alexander Liping, head of the Propaganda Department to control traffic police Udmurtia: "You understand that it is the water heating main chance of further erosion occur. And where will the next break is unknown. In this area are public transport routes. If we confine them, well, I think, just to be involved Fruit Street. Two-way traffic will be open in case of emergency measures. "

In "UKSe" promise to find and patch a rush on the track as quickly as possible. They also have to lay asphalt. What edition of "Vesti" official letter informed the city administration. On the timing of the work in the letter does not say anything. Officials assured only that "asphalt road builders will check."

Tatyana Domracheva

Source: STRC "Udmurtia"

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