Sinkhole in Kamensk-Shakhtinsky. Photo

Karst holes


22.02.12.Rabotniki of "Source" started repairing the central sewer Kamensk-Shakhty on Lenin Street, where the evening of 21 February, under the ground left of the road.

Sewage water from the emergency reservoir, probably for a long time and were washing the soil out of the roadway, which collapsed as a result of the voids. Formed pit, which could easily fit a couple of cars. In the depths of the pit bubbling stream of sewage.

At the scene working team of "Source". Technique: excavator, crane, tractor, trucks? completely blocked the road.

As usual, the slowness of the service work, responsible for traffic management. Neither the traffic police nor the housing department of the city administration does not seem concerned about the fact that the road signs indicate the way to drive around the streets of the site of Lenin. Not only that, there is not even signs warning that the passage is not possible and closed.

Author: Sergey Mazurenko

Source: Newspaper pic

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