Sinkhole in Moscow

Karst holes

Photos from the archive site:

11/07/11. —At 9.48 on the summary MOE  July 9, when held in Moscow torrential rains in the yard number 10 on Kozikhinsky small alley, located opposite the apartments construction Nikita Mikhalkov, there was a large sinkhole, the press service of the Public Coalition for Moscow.

First reported the accident site "Free Press," referring to the Feed MES ( Arrived at the MOE representatives, recorded failure 1×1 m

On Sunday, July 10, the resulting failure was quickly clamped at the direction Presnenskaya council, the workers were placed directly on the asphalt puddles and fallen leaves. Recall the construction of the hotel is apatr-active protest of the residents of neighboring houses.

They have repeatedly stated that the overlap of current ground water in the area of historical Goats marshes, during the construction of the apartments will fail the soil, washing away the foundations of adjacent buildings and the threat of collapse. "The very construction of the apartments is not conducted after the accident, which occurred on April 22, which resulted in the split pile wall in the ground and dug a pit started flooding the ground water. In the future, a similar accident occurred several times. Residents hope that the accident will make the Moscow authorities to revise the draft. Appropriate treatment of people sent to the authorities of the city authorities, "- said" age "in the press service of the Civic Coalition for Moscow.


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