Size matters

Denis Mokrushin compares to my LJ and our American military navigator. Many have called our system GLONASS only as a disgrace. But another myth dispelled. Next story Dennis.

Everyone is mocked the size of the Russian military GLONASS navigator, they say, he is a giant that is stydobischem in the twenty-first century. Today was another piece of reproaches from one of the visitors to my journal.
She looked so — that's our navigator


But the best American (right)


American positioned as a compact and ours — as a whopper. I'm not being lazy person, checked massogabarity.
So, our fighter — small user equipment SNS GLONASS / GPS 14TS822 ("Grot-M"). Dimensions — 22.5. x 7.2 x 3.7 cm

Their fighter — HNV-660 Defense Advanced GPS Receiver (DAGR)


What the hell, more American human hand? What are its dimensions? Uh, who said he was a little — 16.14 x 8.79 x 4.02 cm? ..

Our military navigator longer than Americans, but smaller in height and width. Also note that a photo on our navigator with optional batteries that make it longer. Question about the "Russian bricks", I think, is removed.


I should add that our new device is even less


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