Smear cytology of the vagina

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Smear on vaginal cytology (Pap smear, Pap test, smear on the abnormal cells) — laboratory microscopy, which allows to identify deviations from the cells of the cervix.

What does the smear cytology?

In cytological smears are estimated size, shape, number and nature of the arrangement of cells, which allows you to diagnose the background, precancer and cancer of the cervix.

What are the indications for delivery smear cytology?

This analysis is prescribed for all women 18 years of age every year, as well as:

  • planning a pregnancy;
  • infertility;
  • menstrual disorders;
  • genital herpes;
  • obesity;
  • human papilloma virus;
  • taking hormonal contraceptives;
  • a large number of sexual partners.
  • before placing an intrauterine device;

How to prepare for the study?

Before the visit to the gynecologist for delivery of analyzes should:

  • abstain for 1-2 days of sexual intercourse;
  • not to use vaginal preparations (creams, suppositories, lubricants) and do not douche for 2 days;
  • before taking the smear cytology is recommended not to urinate for 2-3 hours;
  • not recommended surrender smear cytology in the presence of symptoms such as itching and vaginal discharge.

Smear cytology is desirable to take immediately after a month, for 4-5 day cycle.

How is the swab for cytology?

Swab taken during a pelvic exam a special one-time small brush on the outer and inner surface of the cervix. The procedure is painless swab and takes 5-10 Seconds.

Are there any significant discomfort after the smear cytology?

Since, during the sampling cell doctor makes scraping, then some may have slight spotting from the vagina during 1-2 —days.

How many days to prepare a smear cytology?

1 business day.

How is the result of a smear cytology?

Smear is normal or negative, when all the cells are normal in size and shape, there is no abnormal cells.

To describe the smear cytology, doctors use special terms dysplasia 1, 2, 3 degrees, atypia. When dysplasia grade 1 to repeat the study through 3-6 Months.

What if in a smear cytology detected abnormal cells?

In this case, the doctor recommends additional testing. This may be a mere repetition of the analysis of smear cytology is some time after the first result. Sometimes assigned to colposcopy cervical biopsy for diagnosis, which resulted in the decision about the method of treatment.

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