Snow record — greetings from March!

April 2, 2013. We have already mentioned that in the Central region of Russia the long-awaited spring. Changes in the weather of last March did not want to leave us alone, and accompanied by heavy rains yesterday in the capital has been set snow Record of April! Height drifts at the VVC was 65 centimeters, this was not observed yet not once in the whole more Is an extreme period of instrumental meteorological observations.

I must say that April yet support the initiative of his predecessor, who brought to the capital more two monthly precipitation norms. For past day and the previous night in the rain gauge has accumulated 18 mm heavenly moisture. And we are only 4 mm was not enough to meet fortnightly plan for rain.

But there is a silver lining! Warm rains washed off the active snow cover, and today height drifts down immediately by 6 inches. If so it goes on, and will soon see the first pot!

Source: Meteovesti

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