Snowdrops bloom in Kaliningrad


Snowdrops bloom in Kaliningrad

12.01.12.Pogody in Kaliningrad are warm. Already in January, and in the region it rains, the sun shines brightly, the flowers are blooming.

Forecasters nod to Atlantic cyclones, which are from the south brings warmth and rain. Thanks to them, January 2, 2012 in the region was recorded temperature record +9,5 ° C.

Currently, Kaliningrad region is dominated by two cyclones bearing on the coast warm Atlantic air. When will come the real cold, forecasters do not say.

The trees began to bud swell, and in a forest near the village local Pereslavskoe seen blooming snowdrops.

"December 31 in the morning walk through the woods — wrote a letter to the" KP "local Mamnev Alexander, who recently gathered a basket full of mushrooms. — Impudent not have gone on this time without a basket. Last mushrooms collected on 17 December. But now all opyatki over. But the story continues. Snowdrops bloom. "

Meanwhile, in Yakutia are cold: — 52 ° C. Yakut cattle owners immediately began sewing fur bras. Bras on Hare fur protect cow udders from frostbite.

Mary Kite

Source: Kaliningrad city-Today

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