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07.05.09. Some restaurants in China can order the soup of the infants who 6-7 months from the time of conception.

This dish is worth 3,000 to 4,000 yuan ($ 428,5-571,4) per serving. It is thought that this soup raises the tone and vitality, and in older men significantly increases potency.

Correspondent of one of his friends a businessman surnamed Wang, who has more than 62 years, said he is a frequent visitor to these restaurants, and then, pointing to his 19-year-old mistress, said that the dish of the babies it helps. Correspondent could not believe that someone actually prepares such dishes, and then the businessman invited him to witness it.

Their first stop was in the city of Foshan, Guangdong Province, they went into the restaurant and asked Wang acquaintance manager, can I make them this dish. The manager said that they now do not have in stock babies, but there is a fresh placenta. He also said that the baby and the placenta can not be frozen or they are not tasty. He further said that they have in mind is the young couple, who came from the countryside to work and that a woman is pregnant with twins and all the girls. The couple were going to induce premature labor and abandon children. And then, according to the manager, will be the right products for their meals.

Corresponding still did not quite believe it all. Within a few weeks, he has conducted an investigation in the city, he heard many stories about it, but no concrete evidence was not available to him. Then he called Wang and said that the product is already there and what is the weather turned cold and a few friends want to improve their health.

This time they went to the city of Taishan in Guangdong Province. Did you find the restaurant, where they were waiting. And then, while the entire company at the table waiting for the order, provided the opportunity to be told to the kitchen and see. There he first saw firsthand what many have heard. On the cutting table was a small body of the baby, who was only 5 months. Cook expressed his apologies for the fact that the baby was very small.

Cook said that babies usually they get on the channels of the villages. He did not say what their purchase price, but said that it depends on the size of the baby and that he is alive or dead. Basically it is a girl.

Wang, in turn, told his friend that he is paying more than 3 million yuan and all these details about how they extract babies, it does not care.

All sitting in the evening at a table in the restaurant, poured myself soup into bowls, divide the meat baby and all ate with gusto. Correspondent himself and could not bring himself to try this dish.

In the course of its investigation, the reporter was also able to get in touch with one of Beijing's artists, who believes that there are dishes of the babies — is a kind of cultural behavior. He also called himself a Christian, and said that neither the Bible nor the laws of the country there is no ban on feeding babies.

We all think, cannibalism in the civilized world destroyed. And — are wrong. Rumors of cannibalism in China began to circulate in the press four years ago. A reporter from the Western media failed to attend the "dinner", in which the hospitable hosts on both cheeks cracked boiled in soup human embryo.

The monthly magazine of Hong Kong Next Magazine recently published an article, which tells about the dead babies and fetuses are the most valuable of the Chinese delicacy. The article also describes all the details of storage and preparation of this "delicacy."

The reason for the article was a revelation servant Liu at a banquet a Taiwanese businessman. Liu, who lives in the province Lyaolin, said that the bodies of infants and fetuses, obtained from abortions are for the Chinese way of improving health and beauty. Young human body, according to her, has a much more useful features than the placenta. However, availability is a treat not for everyone. For those who do not have certain connections, have written to the long waiting lists in the human body.

Embryos are considered the most valuable male. Incidentally, the previous media coverage devoted to the problem of "embrionoedeniya" in China, reports the opposite information — say, the Chinese eat only girls and blame demographic policy. Everyone knows that in China without harassment by law can only have one child. Women are generally considered as the second grade, and whenever there is a poor family born girl, the husband and wife have a choice: either to kill himself or kill the child, girl or sell on the black market as food.

Obstetricians who take birth, told reporters that all newborn children of mothers who do not have permission to delivery, make a head shot of alcohol, from which the child will inevitably die. Thus, they get rid of the many daily problems "unlicensed" children.

At the request of staff of the magazine Liu showed the place where the embryos are prepared. In the eyes of the astonished journalists she cut into pieces and cooked fetus of a soup.

— Do not worry, it's just meat, and no more than a highly developed animal — she kept saying during the process. According to the customs of the region, before being cooked, the germs are burned in furnaces. However, some Chinese-cannibals prefer to newborn infants, and the placenta, it is more affordable and available for only $ 10. In some restaurants, the southern province of Guangdong is available very popular dish: soup of six to seven months of a child with herbs. The cost of this soup from 3,000 to 4,000 yuan.

Chinese addicted to cannibalism can not terrify. In 2000, the province Guanksi police detained a group of smugglers carrying babies in the truck, the oldest of whom was 3 months. The children were crammed on three or four in the bag and was almost dying. Neither one of them was the application of the loss of parents. In 2004, a resident of Shuanchentszy found at the dump package dismembered babies. The package had 2 heads, 3 torso, 4 hands and 6 feet. These and other terrifying information from time to time appear on the pages of newspapers and television screens in China.

Human infants is more difficult to get to eat, and I believe that in China, there are laws about killing babies for the purpose. But it seems there is no law against eating aborted human fetuses and miscarriages. A number of hospitals conducting abortions selling aborted fetuses for eating.

Small fetuses boiled for soup. Late fetuses are used in food like roast suckling pigs. It is clear that the Chinese government would show some awkwardness if Russian journalists have written about this kind of thing, or would remove the film about what the Chinese do with cats and dogs. But it is in vain bezpokoitsya: Russian journalists realize that publish such information in any way possible, and this would have negative effect on the public enthusiasm for closer rapprochement with the Chinese.

Message that the dead embryos are used as an adjunct to diet, began to spread early last year with reports that doctors in clinics Shendzyane (Shenzhen) eating dead fetuses after abortion. Doctors defended their actions by claiming that the embryos are useful for skin and overall health.

Soon the city have said that doctors recommend in fetuses as a tonic. According to reports, a cleaner at the clinic staged fights with each other for the right to take home valuable human remains. Last month, reporters from East Week (East Week)-branch Istern Express Shendzyan went on to check the rumors. March 7 reporter came to the public health center for women and children Shendzyana and made himself sick, asked the doctor fetus. The doctor said that they ran out of their office and asked to come another time.

The next day, the reporter came to the dinner break. When the doctor finally came out of the operating room, in her hands was a glass bottle stuffed with embryos the size of a thumb. The doctor said: "The 10 fetuses, all aborted this morning. Can take them. We have public clinics and otdaeem them for free. "…

Reporter learned that at present fetuses are at $ 10 apiece, but when the supply of goods is not enough, the price could rise to $ 20. But that money, pennies compared to the prices in private clinics, which are reported to make a lot of money to the fetus. The clinic in the street Man Bong Lao one germ request of $ 300. Director of the clinic is a man about 60 years old. When he saw the dog-sick reporter, he offered him a nine-month-old fetuses, which, he claimed, have the best healing properties. When a female doctor named Yang … of Sin Hua clinic was asked whether fetuses are edible, she said warmly, "Well, of course. They are even better than the placenta. They can make your skin smoother, your body stronger, and they are good for the kidneys. When I was in the military hospital province Dzhiangti (Jiangti), is often brought fetuses home. "…

A Mr. Cheng from Hong Kong claims he ate soup fetuses for more than six months. He was 40, and he often has to travel to Shendzyan Affairs. Since he was introduced to the fetus friends. He says that he met with a number of professors and doctors in government hospitals, which helped with the purchase of the embryos. "At first, I felt uncomfortable, but doctors have told me that the substances contained in the fetus, help me get rid of asthma. I started taking them, and gradually the asthma disappeared, "Cheng said _ …

Zou Qin, 32-year-old woman with a beautiful skin for her age, attributes his well-preserved species diet of fetuses. Being a doctor in a clinic Lung Hu, Zhou had an abortion several hundred patients. She believes that embryos are very nutritious, and claims in the past six months, she ate more than 100. She takes a sample of the fetus before a reporter and explains the selection criteria. "Usually, people prefer fetuses young women the best food for the fetus is a boy _ firstborn. They lost useless if we do not eat them. Women who have had abortions, we do not need these embryos. In addition, the embryos were already dead when we eat them. We do not do abortions only in order to have the embryos … "

Dr. Warren Lee, president of the Hong Kong Food, aware of these unpleasant rumors. "Eating fetuses _ a kind of traditional Chinese medicine, and has deep roots in Chinese folklore …" _ he said.

The article of April 12, 1995. of Istern Express newspaper published in English in Hong Kong, there are a lot of other information. If that is still not enough, can try to dig in Chinese folklore. As the man said, eating fetuses is deeply rooted in Chinese tradition.

Sergeev. (According to the National Alliance)

Angry, swear, yell .. . All of this, in this case, in my opinion, it does not matter. The soup is ready and eaten. But after seeing the inside of the frame remains the cake … Bones little man at the dinner table with gusto sucked. Like a young succulent chicken bones or suckling pig. TIN!!

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