South Korean President jinxed aliens




SEOUL, March 15. / Correspondent. ITAR-TASS /. Religious people believe that God can be traced throughout the fishery. That's impeachment of South Korean President Roh Moo-hyun some directly associated with the intervention of the powers. For example, the sect raelitov that promotes the idea of an alien origin of mankind, said today that the removal of the president from power was the punishment of Heaven for its refusal to allow entry to South Korea Claude Vorilona leader of the sect, known under the name Rael.

August 2 last year after spending nine hours a Seoul Incheon International Airport, the guru Rael and his wife was forced to leave the territory of South Korea. His refusal to admit raelitov leader and all in one chapter of the cult organization "Clonaid" government of Kazakhstan, which has a strict ban on the activities related to the cloning of humans, based on the fact that "the activities Vorilona can lead to social turmoil."

According to the most Vorilona Claude, in 1973, he spent six days on board the spacecraft with some of the planet Elohim aliens which informed him that he must elect space and let people know the truth about the origins of humanity. He has already come up with a new name in Heaven — Rael, meaning "forerunner." Since time immemorial, Rael is "outreach" work and, it must be noted, is quite successful: according to unconfirmed reports, he has about 60,000 followers in 90 countries. In 1997 he created the Vorilon now infamous worldwide organization, "Clonaid" involved experiments on human cloning. Over the last couple of years, "Clonaid" reported the birth of several babies clones, but the absence of evidence casts doubt on the veracity of these allegations.

Meanwhile, his version has befallen president's sad fate brings her neighbor on the peninsula — North Korea. One of the unnamed members of the DPRK government, cited the agency KCNA, said the impeachment — "the work of the Americans." Allegedly, the CIA since October last year, secretly hatched a plan to "overthrow" something objectionable to the United States, Roh Moo-hyun.

With the decision to impeach elected in December 2002 for a five year term of President Roh Moo-hyun made in early March, a South Korean opposition. The leader of the government is accused of violating the law on elections, when in the past month, the president expressed his support for the pro-government party "Uri party" / "Our Party" / in the run-up to April 15 general elections to the Parliament of South Korea.


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