SOUTH Scouts have a new station ground reconnaissance

New portable radar (radar) exploration and guidance, "Fara-1" test infantry scouts connection of the Southern Military District (SOUTH) at the output of the field on the training ground Prudboy (Volgograd region)..

During the practical sessions using the new radar Guardsmen learn to detect and identify both stationary and moving and low-flying targets and objects.

Radar "Fara-1" entered the intelligence units of the compound to replace the radar "Spotlight." Determining the target range of the new station is two times larger than its predecessor. 

The system is able to recognize people and equipment against the ground and water surface in the absence of an optical sight, and the ability to recognize the nature of the target type sound.

Also during the field training military personnel trained in the use of regular reconnaissance equipment. Much attention is paid to the tactical and special training, conduct ambushes in the rear of the enemy, the organization of observation posts, camouflage troops and military equipment. Practiced issues of combating sabotage and intelligence groups.

Press service of the Southern Military District

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