Spanish intelligence operations in Venezuela under the control of the CIA and the Pentagon

Spanish intelligence operations in Venezuela under the control of the CIA and the Pentagon

Arriving in Venezuela Tipo retired Spanish general Vicente Diaz de Villegas as an ordinary tourist from the outset caused suspicion among officials of the Bolivarian Intelligence Service of State (Cebin). In the entry questionnaire guest pointed out that the purpose of his stay in the country is "tourism", in the "profession" noted — "journalist". General settled at «Alba», which once was called "Hilton", but after the nationalization began to be used by the government to receive foreign delegations and friendship of the left-patriotic events.

The General, which ever since Generalissimo Franco could not stand all that is related to "red", was at the epicenter of the political life of Venezuela. But he strongly indicated that arrived in the country for rest and — incidentally — for impressions for articles that are published from time to time in the pages of a limited edition of «La Gaceta». Employees Cebin knew that Diaz de Villegas has already visited Venezuela in October 2011. Then he closely communicated with the ambassador and military attache in Spain. Naturally, there were questions. Why he did not choose to rest some other, more measured and comfortable country? Who organized these trips him to Venezuela? What is real and not legendirovannye tasks put before the General? And most importantly, what they delivered? Why he felt the attention to his own person, the general in a number of various cases skillfully evaded the external monitor?

It makes sense to put more biography Diaz de Villegas. He was born in 1948 into a family where the men usually devote themselves to military service. Joined the Foreign Legion took part in punitive operations in the Spanish Sahara. In 70-80 years. Diaz de Villegas worked in military intelligence and had special contacts with the staff of the U.S. DIA. Polished his military training at the Training Centre of the General Staff and the NATO Defense College. In the middle of missions in which the Spaniard had to participate, are: conducting a comprehensive exhibition on counterterrorism protection of the Iberian Peninsula, role in NATO operations in Bosnia-Herzegovina and Kosovo, which, incidentally, explains his "dislike" of the Serbs. Not to mention that Diaz de Villegas led the Spanish communications group in the headquarters of the Central Command (USCENTCOM), which is located in the town of Tampa (Fla.). His work on synergies with the Spanish part of the Yankees in Afghanistan and Iraq, the Pentagon has received the highest rating. In 2010, the Gen. received the designation in the Military Intelligence Service. The direction of his classified work, but there is reason to believe that he is the coordinator of intelligence and sabotage operations against Spain, Venezuela. His visit to the country were exploratory in nature, but it?

Venezuelan media have paid much attention to the specificity of the general enthusiasm of the dilemma, which is formulated as follows: "The evacuation of citizens from countries in crisis." What is it? Neuzh that Venezuela is considered in intelligence circles Spain as a potentially dangerous place from which the not to distant future will evacuate the Spaniards? How not to recall that the General Staff of Spain held for NATO officers exercise "restore order" in "oil country in South America." The script is not very unique: in the "land" there were a mess, "dictatorial regime" is trying to suppress them by force, humanitarian tragedy is inevitable, and only the coalition forces (NATO) could provide stabilization and normalization.

Currently in Venezuela relatively relaxed, despite the upcoming presidential elections on October 7. But predictions that the situation will soon change, the sound more often. 10 years ago, in April 2002, komplot against Chavez failed, but the North American intelligence agencies had corresponding "debriefing", concluded regrouped, modernized script. The U.S. Embassy in Caracas is the main operational center to destabilize Venezuela. Many of his employees, including the Charge d'Affaires James Derhama, personnel scout, are preparing for the ultimate showdown, so that once and for all put an end to the "populist regime" and Chavez.

These criteria for the U.S. intelligence services to the maximum mobilizing operational intelligence capabilities own allies. Spies operating in the embassies of NATO in Caracas, operating under the South American dictation. In one form or another State Department's instructions and "questionnaires CIA" guided by the staff of embassies of Canada, Mexico and Central America (except Nicaragua). As an ideological enemy, feeding bad example Latinos perceive Bolivarian Venezuela neoliberal governments of Chile and Colombia. On a platform of "antichavizma" and "restore democracy", they are ready to work together with the shares of the United States. In general, Colombian President Juan Manuel Santos refused antivenesuelskoy rhetoric and provocations that used its predecessor, Alvaro Uribe, and is trying to build a business with a neighbor. But the Colombian oligarchy, military government, a new generation of leaders of the drug mafia, which in almost all the "accountability" DEA and the CIA, to the Bolivarian Venezuela are militant. They are willing to participate in at least some adventure planned by Washington.

Spanish colony is considered the most influential in Venezuela. Businessmen, bankers, industrialists, owners of TV channels and influential media — many of them sabotaging Chavez's Bolivarian project and the social programs from which to legislate on the initiative of the President introduced in the country. In 2002, the Spanish Embassy intensively assisted conspirators, receiving from them under this "help" guarantee to provide different benefits for Spanish businessmen and financiers "in Venezuela without Chavez." The degree of involvement of Spain at the komplot can be judged by the fact of production in one of the specialized shops of Madrid presidential tapes for managing conspirators Pedro Carmona.

Lessons learned from the mistakes of the past, today the Spanish government refrains from the obvious support of the opposition. The focus is on the implementation of the resource interstate contacts, company shares, "pluralistic", which provide the opposition freedom of speech, propaganda, critical attacks on the address "regime" with the Spanish court. Without any restrictions connected Spanish media, including the agency EFE. In the middle of journalists specialized in "anti-Chavez topics" visibly distinguished correspondent for the newspaper ABC Ludmila Vinogradoff (specifically so she signs her article). Its fundamentally settling of accounts with the "red" explained: ancestors (father — a Chinese mother — Russian) fled after the second world war from Harbin. Ludmila traces its his war against Chavez, and through most of the run destabilization campaign in the media. The last of them — a "first death of Chavez" — still continues. Vinogradoff appointed time pass, and Chavez, despite all the prophecies of the black, "very much alive." In January, he vigorously reported in the State Assembly on the work of the government in 2011, and in July the most actively began
his campaign.

In the ruling circles of Spain Chavez is seen as an "unfriendly policies." For this reason, the Government of Mariano Rajoy is supporting Henrique Capriles, the candidate of the opposition. After the first "consultative meeting" with him in Biarritz, in the south of France, the Spanish emissaries often discussions are with his proxies puzzles interaction. Great importance is attached verbovaniyu "iconic figures of European democracy" as Capriles needs to be strengthened in the international arena style. Diaz de Villegas also acted as an emissary, made the trip to Valencia to meet with the team Capriles, including his security chief. Lit up at the last general day his stay in Venezuela. When he left the hotel to go to the airport to him (according to the general who later recounted in Madrid) walked two, introduced the members of ETA (Basque nationalist organization), and warned that "follow" his movements in Venezuela and the "left alive only because ETA signed an armistice with the Spanish government. "

The incident did not remain without consequences. At the airport Maiquetia General had to spend with the staff Cebin few hours. His computer, phone, documents and luggage were temporarily seized. When asked what caused his visits to Venezuela, the general replied that "makes hiking trip at the expense of a close friend with the obligation to prepare analytical reports on the prospects for the Spanish aircraft manufacturing business in Venezuela. " At the theoretical level, the Spanish aircraft manufacturers could use his services, but Diaz de Villegas has never in the past have not dealt with aviation, except for parachute jumps in the years they were young. What business advice can give the layman? An estimated Sebin, the real mission of general lay elsewhere. But to find any incriminating evidence in the documents and things Diaz de Villegas failed.

In Madrid Gen. was again questioned, now the State Intelligence Service (CNI). Explanations he gave confused and not very convincing. In the Spanish press noted: the more Diaz de Villegas explains the motives and the vicissitudes of his own trip to Venezuela, the less you believe him. Legend of the members of ETA looks particularly stupid. They received political asylum in Venezuela before Chavez. The fact that in his own interview, General repeated the propaganda clichés released CIA, the "close ties Chavez regime with terrorist organizations," pointing to the unusual background of Tongues: Spanish general, who held command positions in NATO structures, his trip to Venezuela supervised by the CIA and the Pentagon.

Cebin not finished the investigation on the case of a general. The truth will be established. According to the views of some Venezuelan bloggers, Diaz de Villegas made the perilous journey to Valencia for "conducting recruitment interviews and the provision of guarantees," one of the pilots from the Air Force, "Spanish roots." All attempts to overthrow "the Chavez regime," the CIA and DIA U.S. planned to use the "pilots patriots" to bomb attacks on the presidential palace. With similar dangers conspirators appealed to President Chavez to force him to surrender in April 2002. In May 2004, the Colombian attack on the palace of Miraflores mercenaries to assassinate Hugo Chavez was accompanied by an attack from the air. Artist — Venezuelan military pilot — was ready for action, and only the timely conduct counter-plans of the conspirators destroyed.

Cebin has information about the participation of a number of representatives of the Spanish colonies in komplote, organized by the U.S. secret services. Eagerness to avoid conflict can explain the publication of data on the resident Spanish intelligence Venezuela on one of the portals, "Jose Antonio, lives in the Los Palos Grandes Caracas, telephones — 04140123039 and 04141160768. It is cooperating with several Spanish businessmen and Finance Corporation. " The full name of the resident and some data on its accomplices are given. This publication can be taken as a warning signal from the Venezuelan government and the council at once: it is not necessary to carry other people's chestnuts out of the fire.

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