St. Petersburg residents do not remember this New Year

Icicles in the center of St. Petersburg. © Alexander Demianchuk | Reuters

January 5, 2013. Whole day January 1 was pouring rain at 3. 11 mm of rain fell — the weekly rate. As a result, considerable time for this snow (20 cm) was transformed into a treacherous ice crust, and the entire metropolis turned into a giant corrugated roller.

The population complains that the streets are not clean. Sidewalks resemble a washboard, with hollows and ridges, walk on which is basically impossible.

Drains clogged with snow melt. The streets are filled with water, which is hidden under the ice. With giant icicles hanging from roofs.

Currently thaw began to decline. In the second half of the New Year holidays winter weather will gain character. It will take a little snow, and much frost. By Christmas night is expected to £ 10 … No. 12 in the afternoon — No. 6 …? 8.

People stand in line to buy rubber boots. © Alexander Demianchuk | Reuters

The famous Church of the Savior on Spilled Blood is reflected in a puddle of Christmas. © Alexander Demianchuk | Reuters

Source: News Gismeteo

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