Start of production of ethylbenzene, styrene and expandable polystyrene (Perm)

Perm, November 9, 2010

On the "Sibur-Khimprom" a ceremonial launch of new production of ethylbenzene, styrene and expandable polystyrene Alphapor ™ The total investment of the company in the renovation and construction of new capacity was more than 8 billion rubles.

Domestic demand for PSV is estimated at 120,000 tons per year.

In this case, before the start of production in Perm in the Russian edition PSV was only 12 thousand tons per year. Thus, the new production of SIBUR will cover half the demand, and the company will be able to press the importers from China and Southeast Asia.

The second phase, which will be launched in 2012, will fully meet the needs of the Russian market.

The entire output of the first stage is already painted, with demand from consumers for new PSV exceeds the capacity of SIBUR. The main markets for PSV will be Russia, Eastern Europe (especially Poland), and the CIS countries.

A new plant for the production of ethylbenzene capacity of 220 thousand tons per year is based on license from the U.S. company The Badger Licensing LLC. The use of the latest technology based on zeolite catalysts can completely stop the release into the atmosphere of hydrogen chloride and aromatic hydrocarbons, as well as wastewater pollution by chlorides, aluminum salts and phenols. The existing plant for the production of ethylbenzene by obsolete technology with capacity of 120 thousand tons per year will soon be decommissioned. Reconstruction of the styrene production has increased the productivity of 100 thousand tons per year to 135 tons per year. During the reconstruction of the production was transferred to vacuum dehydration, which could reduce the consumption of the raw material — Ethylbenzene — as well as a reduction in energy consumption. The new production of expandable polystyrene Alphapor ™ capacity of 50 tons was built by the Austro-Norwegian technology company Sunpor. The new European quality product will be produced for the first time on the territory of Russia, so far the bulk of polymer raw materials were imported from Europe and Asia, including in the form of finished products. Current production is intended for the production of a wide range of products, including energy-efficient building insulation, concrete panel, household appliances and packaging of food products. All brands of expandable polystyrene meet stringent European standards for fire safety, grain size, density, and physical and mechanical properties. Stamps expandable polystyrene intended for the production of building insulation will necessarily contain flame retardants that prevent the spread of fire. Security Alphapor ™, the material of organic origin, 98% of which consists of air depends on the use of licensed products and strict adherence to construction standards.


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