Station Institute of Applied Physics, Irkutsk State University will predict earthquakes

April 1, 2013. Irkutsk scientists test new equipment, which will help predict tremors.

On the eve of the station was lowered to the bottom of Lake Baikal.

— In the plant is high-precision electronics, which during the year will measure the electric field, to record all the data and process the signals from the sensors. The task of the station — Predict earthquakes. Such plants in the world yet, it is unique. We have developed it in conjunction with the Moscow scientists, — Said the director of the Institute of Applied Physics, Irkutsk State University Nicholas weekdays.

Inside the small structure — a computer that will run at a depth of 1,360 meters.

Place dive equipment was not chosen by chance. It is in this area — the break of the Baikal rift zone. Here, every few years there is a strong earthquake. According to scientists, when seismic activity begins at a depth of the electric field is changing. To determine it on land, it is necessary installation a kilometer long. And in the fresh water of Lake Baikal ideal conditions for research.

Depth installation warn only of strong earthquakes — a magnitude of more than five points. In this, the information will be stored in the internal memory unit. Scientists will be able to analyze it through year, when the lift station to the surface.

—  In the future, we plan to install on the device acoustic transmitter. And then we can continuously receive information first on the coast, then over the Internet to Irkutsk. It will be possible to predict major earthquakes that occur in the plant within a radius of about 50 kilometers, a few dozen hours, — Commented Nicholas weekdays.

On the development, which has no analogues in the world, scientists are working four research institutes in Russia. If the results of the experiment will, in future large earthquakes can be predicted and prevented devastating.

Source: Irkutsk State University

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