Strange hostel

In Troitsk near Moscow in 1908, was built bunkhouse worsted mill. The people called strange hostel, and blame was not clear architecture, not the typical, even for that era — the meandering walkways, the lack of symmetry of one entrance could safely get to the other.

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People are told that when someone in the house began to swear, during an argument might appear a creature with horns and a tail, which immediately disappeared, it was worth a quarrel silenced.

There was such an inexplicable case where a woman was sleeping, do not wake up for two weeks. Argued that it was not a lethargic sleep. In the years of perestroika, when the factory was already locked in a dorm strange things continued to happen. Once the company of men came to his friend, who lives on the second floor. Suddenly, they heard someone stomping upstairs, creaking floors and doors. But, rising up, they saw only an empty corridor with open doors and found no one there. If there was someone, they would certainly have met with him on the stairs. But they met no one …

Another time, a man went to visit a friend and stopped at the staircase, suddenly feeling that someone was watching him. At this moment he heard the jingle and saw in front of him three coins. Who could throw them and what did it mean? He never found an answer to this question.

Not so long ago, twenty years ago, the local authorities decided to demolish a strange hostel. But when the bulldozer arrived to the hostel and hit a two-happy in the building — on the house not a single crack, and only the load broke loose and almost killed people who had gathered at the bottom. After this weird house was left alone, and home to the old-timers still believe that demolition prevented mysterious forces living in the house. But the building is still repaired, and passes out of the house in the walled entrance. Nothing suspicious new tenants did not notice. Apparently, various evil spirits do not like to repair the building fell, because dark forces choose their own place to live.

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