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December 7, 1941 the leading Nazi scientist von Count Teleki (Count S. Von Teleki) has been kidnapped by the Americans. On the base in New Mexico, he continued to work on a secret project of the vehicle. No one knew what it meant. The scientist has completely disappeared, and the car was found in the 1980s.

What was the original, the German, the name of the project Kaunta background Teleki, hard to say. There are two options — "Welpe Luft-Blassen" and "Welpe Luft Basen".

Adequately translated into Russian, these names, and if possible, it is extremely difficult. Goes something like "Flying Puppy".

Apparently, the Americans found themselves in a similar situation because of what gave the car its name — BubblePuppy ("Puppy-bubble").

Although von Teleki was building the car right under the noses of his colleagues, his intentions were never clear.

"Puppy" could be a vehicle with a rocket-powered assault amphibious airplane or spaceship. Or all named together.

Having built a single instance, a scientist mysteriously disappeared, never explaining functions of the machine.

Another machine is similar to a helicopter without screws (photo from

What is needed is here on Earth, is unknown so far.

No one would have asked the question, if in 1982 a strange machine was not detected Ace King (Ace Scott King) in a preserved barn in New Mexico.

Before finder presented itself like a fish three-wheeled vehicle. The two front wheels — leading, in the back — small wheel, more like a landing gear. The machine itself looked like a wingless plane.

Grandson Kaunta background Teleki, an eccentric young man somehow proznal about the discovery and demanded the return of their legitimate property.

He organized a complicated operation to take the car home to Germany. Carriers, he explained that he was taking a sculpture. And took the car for good. Neither of her grandson, or of BubblePuppy since then has not been heard.

However, the latter statement is not entirely true.

The vehicle of unknown purpose, it turns out, may look like this (photo Ace Scott King/

20 years later, rumors of the "Puppy" come down to the local (in New Mexico), artist Sean Guerrero (Sean Guerrero).

He specializes in giant sculptures created from found at the dump metal, such as chrome car bumpers.

Guerrero found the people who discovered the car and even saw a glimpse of the project documentation.

Received information he somehow had enough, and the artist has restored BubblePuppy in his garage.

The car was a success. Pictures of the vehicle caused the incredible enthusiasm of the American three-car fans. However, specifications are not known even to them.

The authors of the film and the project BubblePuppy (photo from

And for what, you ask, to sculptor rebuilt the mysterious "car"?

In Guerrero companions there, as they call it, the guerrilla film studio No Budge Productions ("cash-strapped production"), a bohemian community of artists, actors and musicians.

Having the amazing vehicle and an interesting legend, the company decided to make a film. Thus was the Project: BubblePuppy.

A short (30-40 minute) black-and-white film about a mad Nazi scientist who with his car would change the world, but also about a secret rally BubblePuppy really been lifted.

Prime Minister with the participation of historians, dancers and DJs took place in 2002. December 7.


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