Strategic Rocket Forces conducted 600 training sessions for 5 months

In the Strategic Missile Forces (SMF) from 1 December 2012 conducted more than 600 tactical special tactical maneuvers and tactical drill exercises, reports the Press Service of the Defense Ministry and Information. In particular, it took about 20 command post exercises with rocket armies and divisions, said on Wednesday a representative of the Defense Ministry.


He noted that with all the missile regiments and units on combat duty in the winter training period were planned exercises and activities to test the assigned tasks in a high alert in field positions. A total of Strategic Rocket Forces conducted about 60 such events.

Thus on combat patrol routes (field positions) to group road-mobile missile systems increased their presence on the timing of field positions (combat patrol routes) up to 20 days. More than 50 field outputs and company tactical exercises held with management units of compounds (battalions of combat, logistics, security and intelligence).

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