Strongest sandstorm in the Arabian Peninsula over the past few years

Strongest sandstorm in the Arabian Peninsula over the past few years, natural disasters

After several days of dust storms in southwest Asia, a strong sandstorm reached the Arabian Peninsula, on which the 20 and 21 March 2012. Dust clouds stretched from the western shores of Oman to the east coast of India.

According to data from meteorologists, strong dust storm formed by the merger of two different storms. One front has brought dust storms from Iraq and Kuwait, and the second — from the south-eastern Iraq. Many people consider this the worst sand storm in recent years.

In the video, you can watch a sandstorm in: United Arab Emirates.

Storm moved eastward, reaching the south-eastern part of Iran and the northern regions of absorbing the UAE, Oman, and the western part of the shores of Pakistan to the city of Karachi and Sukkur. Sandstorm has violated not only the movement of flights, but many schools are forced to close temporarily. Hundreds of people were admitted to hospital due to breathing problems. It is believed that in the western part of Yemen dust were particularly large.

Photo: In Dubai, visibility dropped to 500 meters, and on the night of 20 to 21 there was heavy fog.

Dust is usually small and large. Coarse dust does not penetrate deeper nose, mouth and throat. The petty dust can get much deeper into the sensitive areas of the respiratory tract and lungs. It is these particles can cause serious disruptions. Although dust particles in the sand storms are usually large, people with asthma or emphysema, may be in danger. The long stay in the sandstorm can cause chronic lung disease in people of all categories.

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