Subjective belief of civilization and the objective reality of the asteroid.

Viewing and listening to everything that can be known from the terminology and exact sciences, astronomy certain humanitarian language romantics as "Skywalker" and "shoveled" astrophysical directories — classifiers in the concept: — planetoids, asteroids, meteorites, comets and meteors … and about the possible threats posed by astronomical objects the existence of life on planets or the possible existence of planets safe and very important heeding the traditional recommendations: — The "whole of April to anybody believe," and so on — the same … as it turned out, that lie prtsjvetaet as before, then the same could not believe … imbued various scientific and fantastic speculation — an explanation or other documentary proof of submission of other people's thoughts …

Concurrent exposure expressed personal vote of no confidence:

— The opinion of comets, most of the scientific world powers convincingly persuade: — yes, the remnants of a comet primary substance of which consisted of course — the same "something" — and not as likely that the most primary matter, there is an obvious until supposedly illogical "big bang" — which in turn is a representation of this basic science, "plausible" theory determine natural causes of the universe — galaxies — star systems — planets — asteroids … but who — he is able to see for themselves visually in contradiction to the contrary, modeling the old and new orbital trajectory movement and learning disparities placing objects in the solar system using a training manual Open Sourse — Project planetarium software Celestia — structure of the solar and other stellar systems online …, comparing with the original technical data, the obscure murky past of famous myths and modern generalizing theories. Comparing the facts gradually turns — all known comets … have orbital rotation around the star and the apparent remains of either the atmosphere or frozen mixture of water and soil, "the mythical" world is non-existent at the present time. Confirms the statement delivered by the retrieved sample material of comets to the Earth, held a double astronomical mission at the time of finding comets in the solar system, studies of Halley's Comet, and further study of the planet Venus through interplanetary space station Vega — Vega 1 and — 2, the station Vega — 1 disappeared without a trace … stretched the facts known at the approach to the star and the natural rastaivaya of radiation from the star emits one-sided long comet tail gas exhaust without the restoration of the substance of the comet moving progressively and if you believe what is described in the quotation: — Galaxy "Milky Way" exists — fourteen billion years , the solar system — nine billion years, the Man himself camonazval "Homo Sapience" — "Homo sapiens" — no more … of the fantastic ecce: — Agrarian "Civilization", as the history of the death of "The Planets — farm …" Unabi, then the size or volume of comets in the historical past of the solar system must be greater than the Sun itself in obvious violation of the rules and distortions of the scientific opinions of the fundamental astrophysics. That is exactly what is taking the standard calculator and calculating simple math problem with all known physical conditions: the existence of the Solar System — 9 billion years, while the orbital rotation of Halley's Comet — 76 — 83 years old, variable length of the tail of Halley's comet in kilometers can calculate the mass of "heavenly pages …" as in the past and in the future, simply put in the presence of a hypothetical past the solar system such huge super comets given the existence and emergence of the star system in the modern description — presentation of the world of science is being questioned and not otherwise classified as a true lie.

— The opinion of asteroids, meteorites, meteors — it is believed that there is an arguable risk of collision with the massive planets and not very dangerous space objects … — huge craters on the surface of planets left "Skywalker" probably formed during the destruction of the existing previously unknown planet in the solar system and the ultimate its trajectory in the form of the existing fragments of asteroid belts and massive fragmentation of the last strike the surface of the Earth or describe the plot of the film — the catastrophe in part visual example — the prevention of non-existent — "mythical" protection of the blockbuster sci-fi movie "Apocalypse" — the story of the asteroid, but remembering postulates of physics and thermonuclear condition for successful operation of a nuclear charge — the explosion … it turns out all the same necessary atmosphere that is not there, unlike planets, moreover, is a nuclear explosion in space there is no shock wave — breaking … peculiar matter in the atmosphere, hence on Earth is no effective protection from space "Skywalker", without taking into account other projects such as military orbital lasers … if you do not accidentally come up in a dream as D. Mendeleyev, who dreamed of a periodic table of the physical elements — used in the present tense throughout, such as a powerful "Wave — anigilyator annihilation — the destruction of the substance of matter" — the device operates in the radio frequency range and which is able to destroy an object in a depth molecular — atomic … connections in transforming stardust particles of any emerging threat to the planets of the solar system from the "celestial wanderers" modeled on the accelerated activation hidden corrosion currents — internal erosion substances or likely, and the obvious definition and the corresponding intended use of the asteroid belt as a protective belt as old electronic — mechanical trap for space rubble fortification types comic — like a star fort which allows a lot of things …

— The opinion of the planetoid, incredibly recently, astronomers have reduced the planet Pluto to retrain to a lower value on the object in the sky — the planetoid, but it turns out the month of April, if not all call it that — the same month of spring in the different languages of communication consisting of the seven days of the week the daily axial rotation of the planet and walking the planet's orbit every year around the star in the surrounding space — time galaxies of the universe, but not the literal value of dissent crazy dream itself known obscurantist modern civilization, including other arguments based on erroneous theories of the structure of the Universe — is essentially a conscious inhibition celebration of technological progress, like any war, on the one hand the "engine" to effectively hit the other "brake" compelling restore destroyed as a result of marking time, and this is called degradation.

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