Supacat successfully supplying prototype machine REDFIN 1B for the Australian Defence Force

Supacat successfully supplying prototype machine REDFIN 1B for the Australian Defence Force

Supacat, collaborating with a group of Australian companies, was elected in April 2012 as a desirable applicant for an experienced production standard machines for Special Operations (Special Operations Vehicle), applets element REDFIN (JP2097) Australian defense procurement organization (DMO), step 1B.

«Together with our partners and Elbit Systems of Australia, we are very pleased that completed this initial step 1B applets REDFIN». We worked very splotchenno with the customer and our collaboration has allowed us to achieve this in time and within budget » said Michael Halloran, Managing Director of Supacat Pty Ltd.

The proposed machine is the latest version Supacat HMT Extenda in performing for special forces. The new car retains the highest level of commonality with the existing fleet in the Australian Army trucks Nary HMT, Supacat delivered in 2009, but provides advanced capabilities, namely, the protection of crews also great versatility.

«The decision by Supacat REDFIN 1B offers improved capabilities in key areas such as firepower, protection, power, comfort and safety, based on the reviews on the results of operation of the existing fleet HMT miru.Suschestvuet across a number of additional options offered for the ADF to choice, «said Mr. Halloran.

DMO will use standard experienced during step evaluation to support options that will be provided by the government during the second pass.

Nick Ames (Nick Ames), Managing Director of Supacat Ltd, said:

«Closing this major milestone in the program for REDFIN 1B DMO is a fundamental achievement in all Supacat.Nashi investment in the country’s design and engineering capabilities and strong supply chain partnerships will continue to play a major role in the success of the program and the future prospects for our products in more wider Asia-Pacific market. «

Series of Supacat HMT has the best performance in its class, it is chosen elite ground troops of the most active and influential in the world armies. It combines in itself the highest level of mobility, protection, firepower and payload. Designed for use by special forces, HMT Extenda has a unique distinguishing feature that can change the SIRS configuration 4×4 6×6 on to please the different operational needs by adding or removing the self-contained unit with a third axis. Like other series platform HMT, HMT Extenda can be supplied with an optional set of additional protection against mines and ballistic protection, as different sets of special equipment, weapons, communications, ISTAR and equipment to protect the crew.

Sergei Wei

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