Swarms of locusts in the Irkutsk region. Video


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17.07.11.V Irkutsk region declared war on one of the oldest creatures on earth — the locusts.
Voracious insects is hosted on 2/3 of all landings, and half of them without immediate treatment chemicals, crop wait no longer necessary. Contributes to the spread of locusts heat and lack of rain.

Anton Artemyev correspondent went to the field. Report NTV.

In the Irkutsk region of locusts so much that declared state of emergency. No man's land on its hordes eaten off to gain weight and move on farmers' fields.

Reservations Locust in the Baikal region — more than 700 acres of uncultivated land, from these bridgeheads invasion goes so fast and big, that new methods of struggle must reflect not only the large farms, but other gardeners.

Local resident:

"Still no grass there, the sun the whole of June and half of July propalilo and locusts, of course, went. It comes hordes, reproduces quickly. "

Locust because of the hot, dry weather spread quickly in the main agricultural areas of the Baikal region. Specialists suggest that these insects this year will be a problem, but do not think that is so serious.

Vladimir Olshetsky, Ministry of Agriculture of the Irkutsk region:

"Today, there are cases that the moment 150 copies per 1 square meter. This is also a decent amount! But in some areas, and reach up to a thousand copies. Imagine what it's weight. "

The climate has become warmer, insects noticeably more comfortable. According to experts, some meadow grasshopper began to mutate and exhibit unusual behavioral symptoms. For example, a locust not only devastates the field, but also directly harm humans.

Local resident:

"How sits fly, butterfly, grasshopper, and also here — jumping on people and biting."

Scientists do not hurry up with definitive conclusions. Locusts, like any living creature can bite humans, but only under certain conditions — showing the instinct of self-preservation.

Nina Lebedeva, PhD:

"It's just a little pinch, bite much can not. Nothing serious. Here's a kid children, for example, catch grasshoppers, compress them, and they release a smidgen of tar. "

Meanwhile, the Ministry of Agriculture of the Irkutsk region report that this second pest risk to the region in recent years has become much more active, and deal with them because of the large area of distribution is becoming more difficult.

This year, the toxic chemicals processed over 10,000 hectares. Need — about 40 thousand. Sprayed, not only with mobile tanks, but with the aircraft. However, the heat and drought allow locusts to breed with great speed. Farmers ten districts of the Irkutsk region is recommended as soon as possible to mobilize all forces and complete chemical treatment against insects.

Ether was prepared by: Anton Artemiev

Source: NTV

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