Teaching kids the elite abroad makes threat to the Russian Federation

Education of children of the elite abroad poses a threat to RussiaAccommodation and training toddlers Russian elite abroad carries within it a safety hazard of, say Russian military experts. The latest "spy scandal" with the expulsion of ten Russian officials external intelligence services of the United States led to reflect on the effectiveness of not only the SVR, but the entire system of Defense.

As reported by "Kommersant", the exposure of Russian spies was the result of the betrayal of a Colonel Shcherbakov, which oversaw the SVR South American control. It later emerged that Shcherbakov's daughter for a long time living in the U.S., and his son, who worked in the Federal Drug Control Service, left Russia shortly before the exposure of the scouts.

Head of the Analytical Department of the Institute of Political and Military Analysis (Russia) Alexander Hramchihin said "nonsense" the mere fact that the kids were a senior scout for permanent residence abroad. Read about his "difficult and unpleasant."

"For our administrative interests of the country, the debate about patriotism — it is something out of the field of demagogy and propaganda. They are the first, second and third, pursue their own interests. In these interests, for example, to transport kids abroad … all at the moment in Russia on a policy, when fully sold all that can be implemented. Just everything, without exception. Including the secrets of national security, "- said korrepsondentu" HP "Alexander Hramchihin.

Military experts say that the family and, at first, kids — this is a vulnerability that is at least some representative government should be firmly "covered." What kind of intelligence activities can be discussed if the descendants of Scouting openly living abroad and on a theoretical level can be struck? How can generally build their foreign policy elite country perevezshaya their families abroad? What is it all the same for politics?

President of the Academy of Geopolitical problems, Colonel-General Leonid Ivashov, says that all of this practice began with Yeltsin's grandson who was trained in the UK and has become "tradition" under Putin.

"Children are hostages — says Ivashov. — And do they (theelite) Live on the West. Use of Russian as the only source of despotism, income, wealth. On the other hand, for sure, someone gives them a clue — Let's get you there is not a wise, not cunning and did not play in the Russian character and his patriotism, it is necessary that your kids have learned here. We'll keep an eye on them. "

Speaking directly about the "example of Colonel Shcherbakov," Ivashov said that "Russian intelligence is now focused on the development of appropriate criteria for the flight."

"Where are they all run? Where Yuri Luzhkov went? Immediately to the UK! Special services for thousands of years as work. If you are able to recruit elite bureaucrats or in the higher echelons of power, a great success .. This army must not contain "- said the military expert.

Director of the Institute for Public Strategies Stanislav Belkovsky claims that all the Russian "elite"One way or another on the hook at zabugornyh" partners. "

"Our partners zabugornyh now really have a lot of leverage on the management of the Russian Federation, — he said. — Apart from the kids, it's also control over the assets and accounts of the ruling Russian elite in the west. It is clear that the security services of the leading Western powers, the United States first, know perfectly well where the accumulated semi-legal and illegal gains of our leaders. "

Bloggers also joined the discussion of hot topics:
"The daughter of Col. SVR lives in the U.S. and that's fine … — outraged malkolms. — Yes, garbage, daughter Lavrov also lives in the United States. Minister of foreign affairs, bl * Th!? Yes garbage … They say Putin and the eldest daughter lives in Munich. And snow-white governor has recently adopted a "difficult decision" and sent the son to study in England … Maybe away from sin to dissolve RAF? Everything is phantasmagoric, I even find it difficult to construct a true, that after all I wish to say here … ".

Belkovskiy believes that "any public condemnation of" Russian "vipy" not afraid:

"Over the past 10 years they have become accustomed to the fact that the people do not control what people do not react to what is happening in the country. In France, the increase in the retirement age by two years caused a demonstration in which a total difficulties assumed the role of 2.5 million people and paralyzed transport across the country, we have an even more ruthless measures in the social sphere, such as monetization, in fact caused no large-scale performances.

That is, Our bureaucrats firmly believe in the apathy of the Russian people. It assigns a conviction of impunity "- said the analyst.

He also believes that in the coming years, the tradition of "teaching" kids abroad to continue and even intensify. And it's not only in matters of security or control of exported capital.

"In advanced countries, there is no such need — says Belkovsky — because kids get their education in their home country and are proud of that entity. Zeal to educate their children abroad and settle there due to the provincialism of our elite.

I certainly do not see anything normal, because it deprives the ruling elite of the last stimulus to the cultivation of the country in general and educational institutions viz. But with today's ruling elite, this situation is what she is and does not change.

Elite believes it is normal and does not judge its own members who do so. "

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