Terrible secrets that keeps the Bermuda Triangle

As is known to all, in the famous Bermuda Triangle have been seen in the behavior of the magnetic distortion of the complex, it is due to its ancient mystery.

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Airline pilots claim that a compass needle in this place shows the wrong direction or begins to rapidly rotate around its axis. Airmen and sailors who have linked their lives with activities in this mysterious area — have seen that it is here that there is a powerful magnetic storms.

Scientists say that at this point lost ships and planes only because errors occur calculation of the magnetic declination. All physicists know that the compass needle itself does not indicate the geographic pole, and magnetic, which is usually located slightly away from the magnetic field. At this point, the angle at which the currently rejected the arrow is called magnetic declination.

The peculiarity of the Bermuda Triangle is that it is one of the few places on earth where the compass needle points to the geographic pole, not the magnetic. Another area where there is an identical deviation is the Devil's Sea, which is located not far from Japan. In this sea disappeared a lot of ships and aircraft. However, the Coast Guard opinion is based on the fact that it's just a coincidence.

There have been numerous studies in the Bermuda Triangle. It was put forward numerous amount of hypotheses dealing with the "magnetic aberrations", to finally explain why in this place disappearing aircraft and ships, but they were wrong. Even if they had at least some hypotheses — that the truth, they could not explain the reasons for the disappearance of ships and aircraft, and a deviation from their intended course. But the fact that the magnetic variation in this area is zero, only an unproven hypothesis.

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