The abyss is full of monsters




From the bottom of the ocean are strange sounds. Who publishes them — unknown to science or residents of the underwater monster civilization?

Unexplored depths of the oceans so that there can be hidden even aliens. So says the head of the International Project acoustic monitoring professor Christopher Fox.

Mysterious underwater creatures to be seen, but, in his opinion, be heard. And for several years, academic records and analyzes in his laboratory on the study of the marine environment of the Pacific Ocean in Newport, Oregon, mysterious sounds coming out of the abyss.

The waves are sometimes thrown ashore mysterious corpses of monstrous proportions.

The size of a SQUID Submarines

The corpse of a monstrous squid arhitevtisa weighing a quarter-ton and 15-foot tentacles, suckers dotted with teeth found last year near Macquarie Island, halfway between Tasmania and Antarctica. Expert on squids Steve O'Shea, a senior researcher at the Auckland University of Technology, has determined that this monster was only a "tiny" calf, which could grow to several tens of meters in length. After all, in the stomachs of dead sperm whales across vast "beaks", which apparently belonged to another, even bigger squid. At the same sperm whales found themselves scars of monstrous suckers. Oceanographers have complained that science knows more about dinosaurs than the inhabitants of the giant ocean depths.

Megalodon shark could easily eat a small boat or submarine.

In SHARKS TOOTH — 12 centimeters

In the ocean, for 50 million years sharks can live longer than 30 meters. And they did not become extinct, as previously thought. To such conclusion experts of the white sharks Americans Richard Ellis and John McCosker after studying hundreds of 12-centimeter teeth that divers extracted from the ocean floor around the world. No wonder the scientific name literally fishes — Megalodon — sounds like a "great tooth." This shark could swallow a car. Ellis sure that the monstrous teeth fossils — basking sharks lose their current pensions.

Last toothy monster seems to be seen in 1963 off the coast of Australia, in the vicinity of Broughton Island. According to the stories of fishermen, their schooner was attacked by the 40-meter-long creature similar to a shark. Some claimed that it was all of 90 meters! In a huge mouth the size of a garage door instantly disappeared several containers with crawfish hanging overboard. And each container was three feet in diameter.

If you believe such tales, it is safest to fish from the aircraft carrier — not less. In turn, the history of Zoology, shows that a very large animals, such as those of giant squid, and in fact can be hidden from science in the uncharted depths.

1 Giant squid arhitevtis. 2 Colossal squid mezonihotevtis. 3 diver.

Unidentified sound objects

The sounds of the sea depths captures system, which came to the science of war. In the 1960s, the U.S. Navy experts have established a global network of underwater hydrophones, underwater, which was aimed at tracking Soviet submarines. However, in 1991 it admitted and civilian scientists.

Listening posts placed at a depth of several hundred meters, built to recognize most of the sounds from the spectrograms — a kind of voice prints. As it can calculate the "songs" of whales, the hum of propellers submarines, the friction on the bottom of the iceberg or the rumble of undersea earthquakes. But Professor Fox hears something else.

Unknown sources are broadcast on long wave that spread over great distances, in fact, throughout the ocean. They intersect sensors located on opposite sides of the globe. Sounds — bass, like the echoes of a technology or addressed to someone signals. Tape-recorded and scrolled with increased speed, they become recognizable to the human ear. Moreover, the gain characteristics. The scientists gave them their name: "The Train", "whistle", "braking", "Howl."

— Take, for "braking" — says Fox. — This sound is similar to the one that produces the airplane coming, first appeared in 1997 in the Pacific. Now it has moved into the Atlantic. The source is located far away from the hydrophones, and detect it, we can not.

Modulated in frequency and seemed to signal a meaningful entitled "Rising" is constantly heard in the period from 1991 to 1994. Then he suddenly disappeared. But this year, appeared again — has noticeably increased and become more diverse. Analysts at the U.S. Navy, who are trying to understand, through research in parallel with civilian scientists until shrug. Whose signals — it is not clear to anyone. Where exactly are based — is unknown, pinpoint sources of mysterious sounds impossible. They seemed to be deliberately "nest" far from the hydrophones and moved. LEO — unidentified sound objects. So we call these anomalies similar to the UFO.

Who makes a noise? Unknown to science monsters or aliens?

Or maybe it's "floating plates"?

From time to time, the U.S. Air Force fixed mysterious underwater objects that are moving at a depth of 6,000 meters with incredible speed — 370 km / h. And now the speed of the most powerful nuclear-powered submarines do not exceed 60 — 80 km / h. The depth of a submarine dive standard — a maximum of 1.5 kilometers. That's one of the cases, told the investigator of anomalous phenomena Maxim Bulle.

In March 1966, U.S. experts carried out tests on long-range underwater communications. Kilometer paved the antenna along the continental shelf. At sea, the ship was sent with lowered to the bottom of the locators. But after the start of the experiment something strange began to happen. First, he took the alarm, and a bit of repetition of the signal as the "echo" and strange, as if the encoded message. The experiment was repeated several times — with the same result. The impression was subsequently admitted to one of the participants in the experiment, Colonel Alex Sanders that "someone out there in the depths, taking our cue, imitating him in order to get our attention, and then began to pass their message on the same wavelength." When detected the source of these signals, we found that it is in one of the little-known regions of the Atlantic Ocean at a depth of 8000 meters. To understand the anomalies could not, and as a failed experiment was stopped. However, 30 years later, in 1996, the recorded signals are passed through the Pentagon's computers. What gave the transcript, the U.S. Navy cryptographers have not told, but it noticeably stepped up military oceanographers study how the bottom of the Atlantic in the area, as well as all sorts of options on how far underwater communications.

— No one really knows what all of them (monsters) can be heard — recalls his Christopher Fox, alluding to the mysterious sounds.

But it is not clear and more: is there any living creatures or other objects to rush through the water column at a rate of meteors? It turns out that there are some observations.

For more than a century sailors commercial and military vessels have reported strange phenomena — bright lights and unidentified objects under water. Most of the reports refers to the waters of Persian and the Gulf of Thailand, South China Sea and the Malacca Strait. And for the study of one of the deepest canyons in Mindanao depth of 9,000 meters, where in recent years have increasingly strange sounds, scientists from the National Office of Oceanic and Atmospheric U.S. is preparing an expedition. Maybe this journey finally reveal the secrets of the underwater world?

The deeper and more terrible

Ocean depths extend down to 4.5 km. However, in some places the bottom of the falls sharply to 11 km. This is how my journey into the abyss in the Bahamas on the submersible zoologist William Beebe:

"637 m: solid darkness. The mysterious ghost rush back and forth.

670 m: The most dismal place in the world. Something flashes and sparkles. Huge fish with glowing teeth.

725 m: Fish-devil with open mouth — an image like hell. Fish that consist only of mouths.

760 m: Water is blacker than black. In the spotlight long seen a passing monster. "

Svetlana COUSIN


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