The accident at the M5 highway near Yuryuzan. Video


M5 highway accident near Yuryuzan 06/20/12 more accidents on the route Moscow — Chelyabinsk perpetrator of the accident was hiding in the woods. In a collision of five cars on the federal highway M-5 in the Chelyabinsk region on Wednesday, June 20, two people were killed and nine wounded — according to preliminary data, the culprit was the truck with the Stavropol room that downhill braking system refused, told news agency " access "to the traffic police.

"The accident occurred vsredu. June 20, at 21.37 local time (19.37 MSK) to 1644 km of Moscow — Chelyabinsk. The driver of the truck Volvo, a resident of the Stavropol Territory born in 1981 during the descent because of failure of the braking system is not lost control, crossed into the oncoming traffic and collided with several vehicles — Kia Jess under 61 year-old pensioner Ozersk, VAZ-2106 under 22-year resident of Ust-Katav, microbus "Gazelle", carrying the staff of "Uraltransnefteprodukt" and KamAZ under a 45-year resident of the Republic of Dagestan ", — told the agency.
The blow was so strong that the multi-ton KamAZ overturned.
As a result of an accident killed the driver and a passenger Kia "Gazelle", the 58-year-old resident of Ufa.
Also received injuries of varying severity, nine people, three of whom were hospitalized.
At the accident scene was introduced to eliminate the limitation of motion of the accident and bringing road in order.

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