The aliens do not want to get in touch




Astronomers have completed the largest and most thorough search for radio signals from intelligent life in space. Arecibo radio telescope in Puerto Rico looking for these signals as much as 10 years. The scientists examined 800 of nearby stars and have not noticed any signals from alien civilizations. However, they argue that much has been learned, and that they plan to start a new search of the next year.

• Arecibo radio telescope long been engaged in the search for extraterrestrial signals

Latest star considered in the framework of the "Phoenix" — the most comprehensive project of the search for intelligent life in space — was HD 169882, pale ordinary star, located just 88 light-years from us. In the surrounding area, scientists have not noticed any signal of man-made origin. So even if the planet orbiting the star and are intelligent beings, they do not want to draw attention to themselves, or their livelihoods flows in a way that we are not yet able to see.

However, scientists do not lose hope. They are already preparing a new research system for the Allen Telescope Array (ATA). This telescope with 32 small plates will provide an opportunity to carry out a new search, which will cover several hundred thousand stars.


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