The Americans have confirmed that Russian were the first on Mars


NASA probe photographed on the red planet Mars Soviet automatic station-3. The lander Soviet automatic interplanetary station (AWS) Mars-3 was found in the images captured by the American station Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter (MRO), which now revolves around the Red Planet.

Photos taken with the camera high-resolution HiRISE, installed on MRO, fell to Earth in 2007. NASA has posted them on its website. See these great pictures, numbering nearly two billion pixels, could all attend.

Most want porazglyadyvat and look for something unusual was found in Russia. The members of a social community, vividly interested in Mars, shared pictures on the side and began to study them closely. Success came at the end of 2012, on one of the pieces — on the one that included a Martian crater Ptolemy, and there were artifacts that resemble the elements of AMC's Mars 3.

Experts spotted a picture of a parachute NASA Mars-3 lander and heat shield (bottom)
Photo: NASA

"Martians" addressed the Institute of Geochemistry and Analytical Chemistry, Russian Academy of Sciences, Vernadsky. Senior Fellow at the Institute Alexander Bazilevskii contacted NASA. Specifically talked with Alfred MakIvenom (Alfred McEwen), responsible for the operation of the camera and asked to photograph the HiRISE suspicious area again. To look at it in a different light.

Such was the station Mars-3, established in Lavochkin. The lander — Top
Photo: Lavochkin

The other day, NASA has fulfilled the request of Russian enthusiasts. New photos show: in the crater of Ptolemy there really is something vnemarsianskoe. And it's probably Mars 3.

— The type and location of objects correspond to how it should look like the landing — encouraged McEwen.

Experts have determined that it is best to look parachute. It has a diameter of 11 meters, it is fully extended.

In the picture also managed to see the heat shield and the lander itself with open petals.


The first and only

Mars-3 developed by NPO Lavochkin. The station was launched May 28, 1971. December 2, 1971 lander station sat on Mars. And the earth was the first apparatus, which made a soft landing on the Red Planet. In the history of Soviet and Russian space he was the only such — to sit in on Mars, we no longer had a chance. The devices either broke or were broken before planting.

Mars is a dead-3 quickly readied to work and within a minute and a half began airing on the surface of the pan. But for some mysterious reason, after 14.5 seconds the transfer stopped. The Earth has got a part of the image, which nevertheless, assured ka enthusiasts, you can see the line of the Martian horizon.

On the lander rover was. But he did not move because of the loss of communication.

According to the most popular hypothesis, the unit was damaged by a powerful electric discharge. Although its origins are arguing. Most likely, the source of atmospheric discharge electricity. Or static, induced dust storm that raged at the time.

It was assumed that the Mars-3 is really sits in the crater of Ptolemy at coordinates 45 degrees south latitude and 202 degrees west longitude. Here, in fact, fans of Mars and observed the objects in the pictures.

Landing sites on Mars landers
Photo: Wikipedia

By the way, Americans are sending to the Red Planet your laboratory Curiosity, do not reinvent the wheel. Projecting the heat shield, NASA essentially repeated the structure that is applied to the landing station apprat Mars 3. Both we and they made a cone-like "flying saucer."

Mars lander-3 came to the Soviet brand


"Plate" Mars lander-3 came to the Soviet brand
Photo: Wikipedia

American "plate" which arrived on Mars robot Curiosity
Photo: NASA

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