The base of self-defense in the information war

Basics of self-defense in the information war

At the time, I am very lucky. Here and there in the first year at college, particularly at a time when stacked base their own understanding of the world, I came across a delightful book by Timothy Leary "Technologies Configuration consciousness in destructive cults" then I read all in a row, and, in particular, was very interested in the principle of the functioning of the human brain, abilities creation of artificial intelligence and other pieces on the intersection of psychology, esoterica, and cyberpunk. The idea that the sect (a destructive cult), you can program a person to perform certain actions seemed to me inconceivable. Timothy Leary carefully enough outlines exactly how and why a person amenable to the will of others. And most importantly — the impact of this no one is immune, no matter how it may be psychologically stable and optimal.

In his work Leary operates such a notion as a "bubble of reality", it is a representation of a person about how the world around us, and the rules of conduct and their own place in this world. Virtually any destructive cult: Adventists Seventh-day or, immunology, Scientologists or sensational "Family" Manson and the "Peoples Temple" Jim Johnson, at least some of them breaks the bubble of reality in which he lived man previously, and makes a new one, with new orders and laws.

Bimbo reality contains special protection mechanisms, for example certainly created a special language and terminology, which allows you to organize an event and simplistic to divide people into "us" and "them." This is called "loading the language." Creates an image of the external enemy (aliens, government, Satan) which threatens the existence of the group and each individual in it included. For the destruction of an old reality, as well has his tricks — a man torn from friends and family, for example, sending a city adjacent to work, either in the training center for a few weeks. Pull it out of old patterns of behavior, that he began to find new ones. Friends and ancestors are represented as enemies or as interference for personal growth and self-development.

Neophyte surround with care and attention, and explain the new view of the world, equally refuting an old dogma. With all this newbies do not hold together, they break up and include in the already-formed group. Everyone, even little dissent, the press, exposed to the public humiliation. All agreeing on the contrary encourage universal praise and approval. In isolation from the society of an old man begins to find support in the new. If 9 people around you saying "yes" is very hard to say "no" to all, I think, remember about the experience with the segments.

One of the most important techniques — the newcomer as early as possible lure to recruit new followers. When he starts to try to justify another view of the world group, he starts to an ever greater extent have faith in him. More important is the initiation, forcing some internal cross the line. This is what man would never have done in an old reality, for example homosexual act or ritual murder. Crossing the line, the person can not go back to the old gaze, his actions are incompatible with them. Specifically, such makarom recruited prisoners of war in camps — the one who pulled the trigger, killing a comrade in the upcoming will collaborate on what issues though. This shot forever changed the world in which man lives.

The exciting thing that ordinary society — the family, the school, the army, the government, in the same way, a way of carrot and stick, the public makes a great bubble of reality, some are laying the program from what drives the man: patterns of behavior, moral norms, the boundaries of decent and disgusting look at the blue and black, on Stalin and Hitler, for public formation, to life and death.

Recommend reading this book as well, the benefit is not so big. The main thing that is trying to convey to the reader created by:

  • All of us, regardless of culture, spiritual development and current guidelines — whether we like it or not — are vulnerable and exposed, we can all become victims of mental programming.
  • If you do not work on the deliberate creation of its own bubble of reality, it will make some for you.

Specifically, after this book I began to reconsider attitude to the world and that disk imaging, which comes out of it. Catch the introduction of the sample into my consciousness new imprints aimed at changing the reality in whose favor or interests. This does not mean that I was invulnerable, of course feelings about one way or another disk imaging have not gone away. Just so began a gradual work on the creation of the personal world, with antispam filter and, in any case, with their religion.

Experience in the destruction of an old bubble of reality and the creation of a new, attended any of the outposts nineties, the scale of the whole country. For the creation of a new view of the world, it was necessary first to break an old connection, pull the roots, to assure that they are evil, hinders the development of society. For this was deployed the entire media company, both in the West and the forces of our publicists, writers and historians. Solzhenitsyn's books fell into my hands when I was studying in school. They brought my mother to work and sold for a pittance. A little later came the sensational revelations of Suvorov, which I just read with great enthusiasm. The company goes so far — in this series of stacked "The Penal Battalion", "bastards" and weary sun spit Mikhalkov veterans, rewritten textbooks of our former neighbors in the Union, a book about the second world Antony Beevor, and much more. Here is the same and the PACE resolution on January 26, 2006, condemning totalitarian communist regimes. After it in the history books for schoolchildren Union Euro symbol appears in the identity between the communist regime of the USSR and Hitler's Nazi regime. It's a new bubble of reality, and it will not burst like a soap bubble. For future generations of Europeans second global forever be disassembling 2-despots for world domination.

The importance of history is best delivered excellent George Orwell: "Who controls the past, controls the future. Who runs the real, controls the past. " Specifically history asks one of the most important beacons for the creation of reality — namely, answers the question of "who we are as a people." Self-identification of the person as part of a cultural community, which developed over the centuries, one of the most important criterion for a healthy society and the country. The Italians — the heirs of Rome. Swedes consider themselves majestic Vikings. And of, the modern "spiritual managers" are trying to impress her savagery, backwardness and historical inferiority. Many young people towards Western education wholeheartedly believe in it.

What is even worse, some "scientists" simply cross out the whole story, substitute its pseudoscientific parables, playing on the state of pride and patriotism. The other extreme is no better. We need an impartial look at the past, in which it was not bad and the bad. Even that, so it's bad does not happen again.

Carefully enough heresy creation methodology is described in Sergei Buharinova "How and why historians are lying." Prerequisites are described them there too — if Russ
ian alliance in the customer was the government, and there was a certain ideology, in the nineties, it was not, as the means for financing. But there are different funds, providing grants for research on certain topics.

Here's what I wrote a cool war veteran, former senior policy analyst of the U.S. Department of Municipal Albert L. Weeks, "Today Russian students have in his hands a few options for new history textbooks. The creator of this article (AL Wicks) analyzed some of them and found that in the main communist propaganda about the internal and external policy of the time of Lenin, Stalin, and their successors in 1917 and 1991 were in their liquidation. All the same, a part of her hitherto remained. In the name of historical truth and conviction komunisticheskogo held absolutely necessary to fill the "blank spots" in Russian history. " And the white spots were filled. Most brightest examples creator results in their work.

This is for example, Boris Sokolov, which apart from the rest wrote a laudatory review of the movie "The Penal Battalion", comparing it with the model across the country. He was one of the professionals for the film «The Soviet Story», anti-Russian and filled with fakes.

This Rezun-Suvorov, who says in plain text on their own purposes, "I took a swing at the most sacred thing is our people, I swung at a single shrine that the people remained — in memory of the War … This legend I bouncer from feet, like an executioner kicks the stool. "

This is Victor Pravdyuk, in pursuit of sensational reporting that Marshal GK Beetles usually Defused Bomb minefields throwing their battalion, another Russian fighter, and only later to send in the tanks. Here Mr. Pravdyuk lies, at least as a man never to undermine the anti-tank mine, because it is calculated on the weight of the tank.

This St. Petersburg historian A. Gogunov, now living in Boston, it's Yuri Zhuk, the creators of the previously mentioned films and others.

A fairly comprehensive in terms of coverage of the material, and a very depressing article on the audit of our stories posted in the weekly "Russian News" in 2007. "Inspection" Russian history. " The creator says there about anti-Russian works of Western historians of heresy in the textbooks, the dominance Russophobian sentiment on Wikipedia and other online sites. All this against a background of silence of our scientists and the lack of opposition. It offers a re-release and transfer to the British (with accommodation available free on the Web) more severe Russian works on the history of, through grants to encourage Russian and unbiased case studies on more critical topics and to discover and organize scanned archival documents and manuscripts.

It has been 5 years since the publication. Scanning and electrical libraries really got better, some means for science at the moment stand out, but the problem remains. The fact that they stand out in that system, in what are already some people who sincerely consider Russia an evil, anti-Russian writing work, or directors, to eliminate taxpayer-funded, deceitful anti-Russian films. Neophyte passed through the initiation ritual, it is not necessary to persuade. If a man once changed his point of view, he has his whole life will confirm the correctness of the choice made. For breaking consciousness has already occurred, the initiation is passed, and the soul of the devil second time is not for sale.

Wage war with the West in their country is worthless, we are on our own and we lose. What did do? Recipes suggested in the article are applicable at the level of the country. But we need and "bottom-up approach." Understand me correctly, I do not call at this time to rewrite all the textbooks, or get out of the box my grandfather's revolver and shoot "wrong scientists." No, I think that one is able to make a contribution to the creation reality in which we live. If you see an error or heresy — write about it. Heresy, left without rebuttal, will be true in the minds of those who do not yet have its own position. I urge every thinking person to keep in mind that if he does not bother about the construction of its reality, it will make someone behind him. And what is this "someone" to invest for you and your children in the head, and for what purpose, you do not even understand. This is true not only of history, it concerns at least some disk imaging. Do not stay at zanii, and try to understand yourself first. What settings you have programmed into our "spiritual managers'? As a matter of fact, they help to you in your life? For you really can not do without a new iPhone? Do you really think that our homeland is one of the worst countries in the world, and the Russian Alliance was hell? Critically evaluate all information and learn about this from the very young children. We live in the modern information age. The creator of cyberpunk Gibson finished writing in this genre. He said that writing fiction in the style of the worthless, since we already live in an era of cyberpunk. But this is not enough cyberpunk such as it was described, the virtual war are not in the "matrix", they are in our heads.

PS. taking into account the significance of the topic, if you agree with voice call, ask for the ability to distribute it in whatever form as a link, your own narration, all of my text or parts of it at your convenience.

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